Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Crazy but miraculous week!

Whitney with Sister Smedley, Elder Plyler and Elder Harrington

We are emailing from the church today because of Martin Luther King Day.  I didn’t have time to upload many pictures but I will send more next week.

Ah it has been such a crazy but miraculous week!  There is so much that I just can’t share it all over email.  I wish I could just tell you in person

Last week we had zone conference and I got to see some of my friends from Manchester!!!!!!!  I was so excited!  I was able to spend some time with Sister Smedley, Elder Harrington and Elder Plyler.  We are already planning a get together for after we are all home.  Sis Smedley and Elder Plyler go home after the next transfer and Elder Harrington leaves in April so I may not see them again until I get home in October.

Zone conference was great and we were fed well (Thank you Sis Dawbin!).

One way I have been blessed while serving is that my asthma hasn’t been bad.  With the super cold weather I am able to just use a scarf.  Also, lately we have been meeting with several people who smoke.  I am still very sensitive to smoke, but it hasn’t caused any asthma attacks.  It still gives me a headache and I can deal with that.  I have only had to use my inhaler a couple times in the 10 months I have been out.

Are you keeping warm?

Yep.  We layer up like the little kid off a A Christmas Story.  Sometimes it is still so cold that that isn’t even enough.

What amazing spiritual experiences have you had?  How is it going with your investigators?

So this is our huge blessing/miracle from this week: we were trying to decide who to go visit and couldn't decide so we went out and tracted.  We knocked on a door and they let us right in, told us they were less active Mormons. We asked if we could share a message and they said sure so we shared the Because of Him video and they were both in tears! This was a big deal because they don't cry! So he started talking about all the evil in the world today and then tied it in with the Atonement and how it is just so overwhelming to think about all he went through. So pretty much we just sat there and let them talk about the Atonement and we would sometimes share a scripture to keep them talking. Then the guy said that he had started reading his scriptures again and then she asked if he was wanting to come back to church and he said not yet. But I have faith that they will in the near future. When we finished we asked if we could leave them with a prayer and they said yes and automatically knelt down on the ground. After, we set a return appointment and then left them in tears. Later that night we got this text from her: “Thank you Sisters.  This is Sister ___.  I feel like the spirit was sending you two as a message to me/us.  Very powerful.”  I know that we were lead to this couple. 

We have three solid investigators right now and the one we got last week is going to get baptized on June 13th!!!

Have you tried any new foods?

We had split pea soup this week.  I was good and ate it and am so grateful for members who feed us.  Of course, it wasn’t my favorite, but, as you know, peas are my least favorite food ever.  Who knows, I may actually like vegetables when I come home.

Any awkward moments?

That awkward moment when… you can’t remember any of your awkward moments because there were so many...
I will be really surprised if I don't get transferred.  I hope Sister Bee is able to stay in Augusta for another transfer.  It would be good for her, the members and investigators.  She has grown so much since she got here and I think staying would give her the opportunity to grow even more without me, her trainer, here with her.  I will miss having her as my companion though. 

 I will send you more pictures next week.  Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In the top picture the Elders bent down so we didn't feel so short.  This is how tall they really are. :)

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