Monday, October 27, 2014

Selfies with a horse?

It is starting to get cold.  Thursday and Friday it rained all day and night.  It was freezing!

Do you know Elder Jones?  I got an email from him and he said he is serving in our stake.

I love the picture of Berkley!  Thanks for sending it to me.  It almost made me cry.

I knew you would do cotton candy for Halloween.  Us lucky missionaries get to be in our apartments by 5:00 pm and then work on some deep cleaning.  I know, you are jealous!

We get to go to the light house today.  It is kind of cloudy.  I am hoping to get some great pictures while we are there.  Don’t worry, I will dress warm.  I will be wearing my Brighton hoodie with a jacket and my warm boots.

The other day we had FHE with this family and the dad has a masters in recreational management so I have talked to him quite a few times about outdoorsy stuff and camp.  He said he thinks I should go into recreational management and go to BYU since I love the outdoors and things like that.  I laughed and told him that Chel is going into recreational therapy and he said that it would be perfect and that we could just go into it together and be a very recreational family.  HAHA!

We had another dinner with that family and another family yesterday.  They asked if we could do something fun for their families.  We split them in to two groups and gave them the same amount of random supplies and told them to try and build the highest most stable tower and we were going to see whose tower could hold the most pennies.  After we did that, we processed and shared Helaman 5:12 and talked about how we must have firm foundations and be built upon the rock which is Christ.  The lesson went over great.  We also had fun teaching it.

We also went tracting and found a potential investigator and a new investigator and got to testify of the Atonement and prayer.

We also had zone conference this week and got to watch Meet the Mormons.  It is super good, but it will make you cry.

I tried a bison-turkey burger and it was sooooooooooo good! (this coming from my daughter that says she HATES hamburgers.  She will be easier to feed when she comes home.)  BTW, I still miss your cooking.

I hope you enjoyed your gifts from Maine!

Have a great week!
Sister Kimbal and Whitney

Sister Morgan (1st comp)  and Whitney

Sister Smedley's last two companions

Another sister from Herriman.  Played Lacrosse with girls from our ward.

Whit laughed during their silly face picture.  Sister Miller

Selfies with Sister Morgan.  It's one of their many talents.

One of the young women in Whit's ward.

Thanks for the headband, Grandma!

Sister Kimball and Whit

At the ward Halloween Party.  Whit is in her Minnie Mouse costume.  She just needs mouse ears.

The river behind their apartment complex

District leader's "Hill Cummorah Cake"

I am impressed that an elder can bake!
The horse

Selfie with horse

Yep, Whitney will take a selfie with anyone that will let her.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lima Beans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This week we have been helping a lot of people.  We have also been getting to know the ward members better.  We have started going to different members’ homes to do FHE.  It’s been kind of cool to see how this has helped these families to grow.

I feel like we are getting a lot closer to members and they are becoming so much more willing to help us with missionary work.  One boy even invited his nonmember friend to the primary program.  I love seeing how excited the members get when they make these invitations.  This truly is an incredible area and I can’t wait to watch it continually grow.

Lately I have been studying powerful women of the scriptures.  I have this idea for a lesson with the Young Women on this topic.  They would each get a scripture story about one of these faithful women to study.  They would then share the qualities they showed and ways they are an example of how to be a faithful woman.  How did these women emulate Christ?  How can young women today use these examples to guide their lives?  With the way the world is, we need examples of faithful women, whether in the scriptures or in our lives.

It is definitely time for a haircut.  I found a nice hair school here that only charges $7.  Hopefully I can make it there within the next couple of weeks.

I have been so brave with food lately!!!!!  I ate lamb, lobster, scallops, Brussels sprouts, lima beans, green beans, corned beef, cabbage, apple cobbler cheesecake (AMAZING!!!!), and I think that was it.

 The lobster and scallops were in a seafood chowder made with fresh seafood.  It was lobster claw and was really good.  The lima beans were good, they were mixed in with rice corn and peas so they didn’t really have a strong flavor.  There were kids at dinner, so I didn’t even pick out the peas.  Yes, you read right, I ATE PEAS!!!  Brussels sprouts were okay but I got sick of the taste after I ate four of them.  The cabbage was good but I don’t know about the corned beef.  Oh, and the green beans were in green bean casserole and it still is not my favorite.  The lamb wasn’t bad, but I think it had mint in the marinade and it was a little “heavy” for me.  I also got the recipe for the cheesecake.  It was soooo good.

We had the lamb and seafood chowder at the ward mission leader’s house.  I have already grown to love that family.  The ward mission leader reminds me of Dad.  As we were leaving his house, just like Dad, he was telling me to watch out for deer and drive safe then was watching to make sure we got out safely.  It tooks us a while because I had to get out my GPS.  He didn’t go in until we got onto the road.  Yep, just like Dad. :)

I don’t have many pictures to share this week because we were really busy and I was sick so I didn’t even think to take other pictures but I will definitely take more this week!

Fall colors are still beautiful here.  The grass is still really green and the trees look like they are on fire!

Oh, we have an investigator that is scheduled to be baptized on November 1st!!!  He is super prepared and has read the Book of Mormon a few times, D&C, and The Pearl of Great Price and he understands them all! We’ll give him a reading assignment and he’ll read it three times before our lesson and take notes, then it’s him who brings it up first to tell us what he learned.  One of the Elders gave him a blessing two Sunday’s ago to help him gain strength to quit coffee and alcohol and he cried and quit right after that.

The other day in our lesson with our investigator I was summing up a quick scripture that we were looking at in Alma 22 and I was saying, “Hey, how can I serve you?” as part of the discussion and our investigator said, “I like that scripture but it’s funny I don’t see the word ‘hey’ in it: … Then I made him a list of hymns that he could look up to help him pick hymns for his baptism and it was taking me a minute so I said, “Sorry, almost done.”  My ward mission leader said, “yeah, she is writing all 400 hymns.” Then Sister Kimball said, “There are only 341.” Our investigator added, “Yeah, she’s writing some new ones.  The first one starts with ‘Hey’.”  Yep, they must be comfortable with me since the teasing has already begun.

Then, at dinner at the Ward mission leader’s house they were saying how the salt was some type of pink salt and a member who was also there said, “oh, I was wondering why it was pink.”  Without realizing what I was doing, I said, “It’s just supporting Breast Cancer Awareness.”  Me and my awkward moments. Yep.

I may not get many baptisms while I am out, but I think my mission is mainly to “Bring back those who were driven away” (Eze. 34:16). There is a less active member who moved in right before I got here and she has been coming to church and she almost got both of her daughters to come but her youngest got sick right before. :(  She also told me she has never been to the temple so I said we would help her prepare to go to the temple to do baptisms and move forward from there.  She is awesome.

My time is up. Love you soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hobbit Land

A Bridge in Hobbit Land

The library is closed today for Columbus Day so we are emailing from the Family History Center.

Answer to Dad’s question: We have our own car, but sometimes with have to drive the Elders.

The numbers for Invitations To Learn (ITLs) have been really down in this area.  We have been working really hard this week and were able to double the numbers.  I have a few ideas on how we can help this area.  I really want to get to know the members and try hard to find new investigators.

I feel really bad.  As Sister Kimball and I were planning, I ask her to work on going up to people and starting the conversation, especially with ward members.  She seemed so upset.  I didn’t realize that this is one of her biggest fears.  I forget that what comes naturally to me doesn’t to most. I encouraged her and told her that I will push her to open up and talk to people more and to initiate the conversations.   I know that as she does, it will become more natural and not as scary.  I told her it will help her grow and that one day she may even thank me.  

One of the reasons it scares her is the possibility of rejection.  I told her I knew she could do it and that now is the perfect time to work on overcoming that fear and that if you can get over it here then it will help her throughout the rest of her life and to have faith before fear.  I also shared with her that it wasn’t her they are were rejecting and that the greatest person to ever walk the earth was rejected too and He is on her side and will help her work through her fears.  This week we are going to do some role plays of street contacting and tracting so she has practice before we are out on the streets.

I can’t believe I forgot to tell you where Sister Kimball is from!  She is from RIVERTON!!! Small world, huh?  Guaranteed I will be able to see her after our missions are done.

This past week I got to go on exchange with Sister Morgan!!!  It was sooooo great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Next transfer will be her last before she goes home.  We are going to go on another exchange before she leaves.  I can’t believe she only has about 9 weeks left.

I can’t believe I have less than a year left.  It will go by quickly and then it will be a RM movie moment where you are like you still have two months. J  And since I am already awkward, I am sure I will be one of those super awkward RM’s when I get home.  Hopefully I won’t be too bad.

It is weird to see so many I have served with start to go home.  One of my district leaders is leaving after this transfer.  He is from West Point, Utah.  I have gotten to know him quite well.  He is one of those people who ask lots of questions when he meets people, so he knows plenty about my life. 

So, I haven’t even had a chance to make the pumpkin cookies yet because we have been so busy.  Next week we are scheduled to have a meal appointment every day!!!  That very rarely happens out here.  It is amazing the blessings that have come from reaching out and getting to know the ward members.

I am so excited!  In two weeks we are going to a lighthouse!  I will take lots of pictures.  And I may even be able to touch the Atlantic Ocean!  

Last P-day we went on a hike to Hobbit Land.  Ok, it is more like a leisurely stroll, but it is beautiful.  The scenery looks like you are in one of the Lord of the Ring movies (without all the creepy stuff).  Don’t worry, I took lots of pictures for you.  My camera is being weird so some of them are kind of blurry.   Chelsea – notice the shirt I am wearing. . . 

So, while we were at Hobbit Land, I also kind of walked on top of a dam and then climbed up these nail things like a ladder to get of the other side and it was overlooking a drop in to the trees and stream.  Don’t worry.  I was fine.  I tested them to see how much weight they could hold before I climbed up. 

Well, I better go. Enjoy the pictures. Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful fall colors in Maine.

So Peaceful

Sister Collins and Sister Kimball

Exchanges with Sister Morgan

Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall in Maine

Did you notice that the Saturday and Sunday before I come home is going to be conference weekend most likely???  Well on my ministerial card it says that it is through March 26 to October 5 and on my picture at the mission office it says October 7 and one of the elders I am serving with is going home the same time as me.

Note:  I wasn’t so happy with this one.  I realize release dates are based on transfer dates, but I was still hoping for September.

By the way there are a ton of people with the last name of Collins here and some of the members are related or friends with people with the last name of Collins.  If we are related to any then I might be related to the bishop here... 

Note:  Looked up her Collins family history.  It only goes back a couple generations and we can only see links to Montana.  She has lots of opportunities to work on family history when she returns.

I think the ward members in Augusta like me, well at least the ones I have met. We haven't actually had a real Sunday yet because the first Sunday here we only had sacrament meeting because the wards had just combined with all new callings, and this week was General Conference. So hopefully I get to meet more and hopefully they like me...

Today while we were at Subway there were these two cute old ladies. They were sitting right in my view so I was kind of awkwardly watching them. Right before they ate, they both folded their arms and one said a quiet prayer over the food and then they started eating and talking quietly. I felt prompted to thank them for being a good example. So as we were leaving I went up to them and said "Hey I just wanted to let you know that I thought it was really cool and sweet that you said a prayer before you started eating. Thank you for being such a great example." They were surprised that I told them that and they looked at each other with big grins and said thank you and then I said no thank you and said goodbye and they said "Goodbye have a beautiful day!" It was kind of cool.

Believe it or not, my companion is pickier than I am.  She doesn't like Chinese, or Mexican, especially from restaurants because the meat is “weird”, she doesn't like some food that she's never tried because they sound weird, she doesn't like pineapple, she doesn't like garlic but she loves Italian food and garlic bread, she doesn't like pepperoni on pizza but she likes it plain or in pizza rolls... etc...   
Note:  Wow!  Who thought she would find someone pickier than her.  However, her companion does like vegetables…

We haven't really been able to area train, but I can navigate around without using my GPS unless it's to a place I haven't been to yet. S. Kimball seems surprised whenever a ward member looks me in the eyes and when they show that they like me because I guess that's not how they normally are with new sisters but I am kind of loud enough and talk enough that they can't really ignore me... This is also a really quiet district and sometimes there are long awkward silences. The other day there was one during lunch so I was blunt and sassy and spoke up and said "Okay it is way too awkwardly quiet someone should break that and tell an awkward story from their mission."

Sorry, I don’t have much time to write and not much to share.  Hopefully as I get settled in more, I will have more to share with you.  Enjoy the fall colors from Maine.  Leaves are just starting to change and it is beautiful. 

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!