Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hobbit Land

A Bridge in Hobbit Land

The library is closed today for Columbus Day so we are emailing from the Family History Center.

Answer to Dad’s question: We have our own car, but sometimes with have to drive the Elders.

The numbers for Invitations To Learn (ITLs) have been really down in this area.  We have been working really hard this week and were able to double the numbers.  I have a few ideas on how we can help this area.  I really want to get to know the members and try hard to find new investigators.

I feel really bad.  As Sister Kimball and I were planning, I ask her to work on going up to people and starting the conversation, especially with ward members.  She seemed so upset.  I didn’t realize that this is one of her biggest fears.  I forget that what comes naturally to me doesn’t to most. I encouraged her and told her that I will push her to open up and talk to people more and to initiate the conversations.   I know that as she does, it will become more natural and not as scary.  I told her it will help her grow and that one day she may even thank me.  

One of the reasons it scares her is the possibility of rejection.  I told her I knew she could do it and that now is the perfect time to work on overcoming that fear and that if you can get over it here then it will help her throughout the rest of her life and to have faith before fear.  I also shared with her that it wasn’t her they are were rejecting and that the greatest person to ever walk the earth was rejected too and He is on her side and will help her work through her fears.  This week we are going to do some role plays of street contacting and tracting so she has practice before we are out on the streets.

I can’t believe I forgot to tell you where Sister Kimball is from!  She is from RIVERTON!!! Small world, huh?  Guaranteed I will be able to see her after our missions are done.

This past week I got to go on exchange with Sister Morgan!!!  It was sooooo great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Next transfer will be her last before she goes home.  We are going to go on another exchange before she leaves.  I can’t believe she only has about 9 weeks left.

I can’t believe I have less than a year left.  It will go by quickly and then it will be a RM movie moment where you are like you still have two months. J  And since I am already awkward, I am sure I will be one of those super awkward RM’s when I get home.  Hopefully I won’t be too bad.

It is weird to see so many I have served with start to go home.  One of my district leaders is leaving after this transfer.  He is from West Point, Utah.  I have gotten to know him quite well.  He is one of those people who ask lots of questions when he meets people, so he knows plenty about my life. 

So, I haven’t even had a chance to make the pumpkin cookies yet because we have been so busy.  Next week we are scheduled to have a meal appointment every day!!!  That very rarely happens out here.  It is amazing the blessings that have come from reaching out and getting to know the ward members.

I am so excited!  In two weeks we are going to a lighthouse!  I will take lots of pictures.  And I may even be able to touch the Atlantic Ocean!  

Last P-day we went on a hike to Hobbit Land.  Ok, it is more like a leisurely stroll, but it is beautiful.  The scenery looks like you are in one of the Lord of the Ring movies (without all the creepy stuff).  Don’t worry, I took lots of pictures for you.  My camera is being weird so some of them are kind of blurry.   Chelsea – notice the shirt I am wearing. . . 

So, while we were at Hobbit Land, I also kind of walked on top of a dam and then climbed up these nail things like a ladder to get of the other side and it was overlooking a drop in to the trees and stream.  Don’t worry.  I was fine.  I tested them to see how much weight they could hold before I climbed up. 

Well, I better go. Enjoy the pictures. Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful fall colors in Maine.

So Peaceful

Sister Collins and Sister Kimball

Exchanges with Sister Morgan

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