Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday and random Whitney ramblings. . . :)

Whitney didn't have much time on the computers at the library today so her email was shorter than usual.  Glad she attached pictures to make up for it.

"So I forgot to tell you about transfer meeting.  Sister Stoker spoke and shared the scripture about through mall and simple things shall great things come to pass.  Then she started talking about how young we are and then pointed to me and said, "And you, you're just a tiny thing, how tall did you say you were? 5'2"?" And everyone started laughing.

The exterminator was able to get rid of all the bed bugs! He put four heaters that were as tall as me in each room and heated our apartment up to 130 degrees for six hours!  Luckily we had district meeting so we didn't even have to find something to do during that time.  After he was through he pretty much told us to never go anywhere and to always sit on wood/metal chairs.

So for my talk, I didn't really have time to prepare it so I winged it with the Spirit.  And guess who came to the ward that day. . . President Stoker.

Later we went to a member's house to have dinner.  There were some other ward members there too and they made an Easter egg hunt for us.  It was really sweet of them. :)

So weird thing, but a lot of the people I meet out here I feel like I know them from somewhere but I know that I've never met them.  It's kind of crazy. . . 
Um, well that's all for now.  I will send you a letter :)

Love you!!!!!!

Oh, and according to Sister Morgan I look like a Russion doll..... and her mom is probably going to call you"

I sent her an email right after I got this one saying her letter better be a long one and asking if she got her Easter package.  She hadn't logged off yet and had a couple more minutes so she sent the following. . . (it is sooo Whitney!)

"Yes, I got the package :).  Sorry, I am at the library and there is a time limit but I just got a few extra minutes and also I can't really think of much that happened this week :D
So this is what is typical for a lot of my area:
  • they don't use their front doors like ever
  • they love cats and pretty much everyone has one 
  • Most of them are single and living with their cats
  • Most of them are hermits and never move or go outside of New England or outside of their homes
  • Which also means that most of them have never talked to their neighbors who have lived next to them for years
  • In the area I am in right now it is fill with many refugees
  • Sometimes we call it Manch-Vegas (Manchester)
  • Being Catholic is a blood type (not a bad thing, just very common and mentioned quickly)
  • Once you actually get a New Englander to let you an and start talking they can talk and talk and talk oh and talk for hours...
  • Oh, and New England cats have thumbs
  • The Grass is pretty much fertilized with cigarettes (Gross)"
We sure miss her and are grateful for technology that allows us to communicate with her each week and receive pictures of her sweet face.  The pictures show how happy she really is. 

Until next week. . . 
 Leaving the MTC
 MTC Companions
 with Sister Morgan
 Sister Collins and Sister Morgan
 Whitney's dream house!!!

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