Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Still working hard in Manchester, NH

Whitney and Sister Fratcher after church

So this week we were able to find a new service opportunity that is connecting us more with the senior citizens. The lady who is in charge of the senior citizens' home is going to try and pair us up with people who are interested in talking about the gospel and scriptures. It is going to be a really good service and it's going to be fun too.

We also had a great lesson with JoAnne. She missed the Gospel principles class when they were talking about signs of the second coming so that's what she wanted us to teach her. We focused the lesson on the hope of the second coming and how it will be an amazing moment. Afterwards she told us that the fears she had about it before are gone and that it doesn't worry her anymore.

On Friday night to Saturday night I went on exchange with Sister Jensen. She is an amazing missionary! We had a great discussion about our studies. We had a great day that was full of work to do and it felt so good to feel like we were productive. Right away we were able to develop comp unity. We taught Ruth and Danielle, both are recent converts. We read the family proclamation with Ruth, and helped her see how many people love her. With Danielle and her two sons, we taught the restoration pamphlet and the Spirit was so strong in that lesson! 

Yesterday, Sister Fratcher and I were able to find three potentials that are searching for truth. Two of them said that they are going to come to church on Sunday.

Oh, I have some real maple syrup that I am sending you and a surprise for Chel too.  

I made chicken in the crockpot and roasted potatoes in the oven.  I also made pasta salad that day.  My companion really enjoyed it.  I was hoping to make leftovers last the week, but I don't think that is going to happen.  I copied what I saw you doing when you made dinner.  It was really good and reminded me of home.

When the Elders found out what I made for dinner, they were really impressed and want me to teach them how to cook or at least give them some easy recipes.

I can't believe it has been 3 1/2 months.  Sister Morgan and Sister Jensen (Sister Blume's Trainer)  both told me that I don't seem like a new missionary.  Sister Jensen said that going on exchange with me felt like going on exchange with a missionary who has been out a lot longer because I knew what we needed to do and at what times we needed to do it.  We try hard to always be on time.  Sister Jensen and I formed great comp unity right off the bat.  

I really enjoy the members here.  My comp asked how I know so many people.  It is because I have taken the time to say hi to all of the members and have also spent time talking and building relationships with them.  This really helps our work.

We had the opportunity to serve a sister in the ward.  We went over and helped clean her home.

Oh, also, I have been able to spend time with this lady who got baptized about 5 years ago then went less active, but has recently become active again.  We have grown pretty close.  We were talking on Sunday and she was looking at my necklace with my medallion on it and said that she wished she had one.  I told her that she could do personal progress and earn it and that if she wanted, we could help her.  She got really excited and now I am going to help her earn her medallion. :) We talked to one of the YW leaders.  She didn't realize that sisters outside of YW were able to earn it.  

I have decided I really want to do more with Family History when I come home.  I wonder what opportunities there are with school and careers in that field.

On Thursday, the Bishop invited us over because he needed to talk to us about some things.  We went over and he gave us ice cream and told us that he wants us to go visit this member that just moved here from Utah and is a recent convert. She moved in with her parents because she went through a divorce.  She has two sons and the 6 year old has cerebral palsy and is the cutest little guy!  When we visited her he just gave us a huge smile and while we were teaching the three of them the restoration he would get really excited when we turned to the pictures of Jesus Christ and the picture of the first vision.  He really made me miss Berkley, Callie and peer tutoring.

When you send music, you can just put it on a flashdrive.  The cars in the mission are super fancy and pretty much spaceships so they have USB ports for those. ;)

Happy Birthday to my MANY family members with July birthdays!!! Wish I was there to celebrate with you (kinda). :)

Love you!!!!!!!!!



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