Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Play Ball!!!! and classic Whitney awkward moment

So this week has been a week of blessings.

On Monday we had our p day and hung out with the Bedford sisters.

On Tuesday, we went to the old folks home and painted their nails and got to talk to a lot of them. It was so much fun and all the ladies there were so sweet and cute! After we finished up there it was pouring! We got soaked as soon as we walked outside!

Wednesday we had a great district meeting and had a great discussion about the Atonement. One thing I never really thought of is that Christ suffered through everything that we have ever been through but that is including the way we felt while going through it and our emotions and reactions. It makes the Atonement that more real and amazing. Another thing about the Atonement: Jesus Christ had to go through it both spiritually and physically. The Spirit could have just shown him in his mind what we go through but that wouldn't make it so he would know exactly what we go through. Just like a doctor can see the signs and know the symptoms of a heart attack, he never truly knows what the person is feeling unless he has had one himself. So Jesus Christ had to feel what we feel in order for us to truly have someone always there with us who knows EXACTLY what we are going through.

Also another cool thing to think about is the story of Abraham and Isaac. Abraham knows a little piece of what it feels like to have to sacrifice his only son for a greater purpose.

We also had dinner with JoAnne. We then talked about some questions she had and told her to always rely on the Lord.

Thursday, we went and visited a lot of the members. We had lunch with Sister Keplinger and talked about how when you are obeying the commandments and doing all that you can, He will help you through anything. We then had dinner with some members who live in our area but go to the Lawrence Spanish ward. They fed us some really good Dominican Republic food and I was stuffed afterwards. We then had another discussion about the Atonement.

Friday, we planned a little bit and then went to a cute, spunky older member's house. She taught us how to make really good apple crumble pie and fed us some German bean soup. Later we saw JoAnne again and she fed us again! She fed us this really good chili and rice. We brought the rest of the apple pie with us and had that for dessert (little did we know that apple pie is her favorite dessert). We talked about prayer and how to have a sincere prayer. We then picked up the elders and had them give her a blessing before she left to go visit her family out of state.

On Saturday, we had lunch with another member. She fed us salad, corn, potatoes, ice cream, and meatloaf. It was so good! This member is so cool too! She is super talented but humble about her talents. She quilts, paints, cooks, sews, carves wood, and tons of other cool things. We shared with her a Mormon message about how we are all creative because we come from our Creator who created this beautiful world for us.

Later that night, we got to go to the Fisher Cats' baseball game. It was Mormon night there so our whole district got to go. We set up a booth with copies of the Book of Mormon, pamphlets, and pass-along cards. We got to talk to a lot of people and also got to see part of the game. President Stoker even bought us all hot dogs and fries.

So if you can't tell already, the blessings that we saw this week is tons of meal appointments and getting to know the members better :)

Have a great week! Love you!

 As usual, here's a little more from our side conversations:

I was surprised when she said that her dinner with meatloaf was good.  She has always hated meatloaf, no matter who made it.  Her reply:  Yeah.......it was WAYYYYYY good......  I guess her tastes are changing.  She used to be the pickiest eater ever. ;)  The member sent leftovers home with them.  She was so excited. 

Whitney also said she is having camp withdrawals.  She was excited to get Chelsea's updates but want pictures from camp.  I guess we know what we will be sending next week.  To help with her withdrawals, she has been singing camp songs.  Her companion told her she should get voice lessons.  She isn't sure if that was meant as an insult or a compliment...  She is also looking forward to receiving a t-shirt or hoodie from Brighton so she can "represent."  Ummm, I better have Chel buy one soon.  Summer's going to be over before I know it.

I told her about our neighbor's mission call.  Her response, " NICK IS GOING ON A MISSION!?!?!?!?!?! WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" If any of the Ereksons read this.  She is so excited for Nick.  She laughed when she heard he was leaving so quickly and said at least he got 8 weeks, not the 6 she had. :)

Awkward moment:  Most awkward question that has been asked me by a man: "Sister Collins, I have to ask, where do you get your dresses?  I really like them and would like to get some like them for myself." ... Wait, What???

 She is on exchanges with two sisters in the Exeter, NH area.  She is having a great time, but she is sad that a package has been waiting at the mission home for her since Monday.  I told her that Chel and I added a special surprise for her.  She may be disappointed when she sees that surprise is ant traps.  Yes, she is getting more than that.  There are treats and cds, but she knew those were coming.  She HATES ants like most people hate spiders, so we laughed when we saw them and had to add them to her package.

She also went to the doctor to have her ears cleaned out.  Gross, I know, but she can hear better now.  While she was there they said her blood pressure was high.  She has to go back next week to have them test it again.  Please pray it is just because she has had added stress with getting used to this transfer, or, like me, that just happens at DR offices.  She really doesn't want to go on meds for that.

We also talked about how many cousins are getting close to dating age (and are already there).  She said that she is going to send questionnaires that the boys have to fill out and send to her for approval before they can date any of them.  I feel especially bad for Katherine. . . her dates will have to deal with Whitney AND Denny!!!  I told her that she might scare them away.  "HAHA well the good ones will stay :)"

Last thing, they will be getting ipads which is a great tool for them, but AHHHHHH, one more expense!  It will all work out.  It always does.

A few pics this week:
 The apple crumble pie they made with a member
 At the Fisher Cats baseball game
 Her district at the game
 Whitney and Sister Fratcher

The meatloaf dinner that she loved.  Didn't take a picture of the salad.  Gotta love food pictures.


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