Monday, August 4, 2014

Better Late Than Never...

Before I add Whitney's email from last week, I thought I would share a few pictures sent to us by a ward member.  Her email said, "Just a note to let you know Sister Collins is a fantastic missionary!  She is a light in our ward we love her so much!"  Thank you Sister Keplinger!!!

Hey everyone!!

This week has been pretty good.
On Monday, we had lunch with a member who we didn't know very well and whose mom is super less active and anti. It was good because by the end she felt the spirit really strong and we got closer to her and got to know her better.

On Tuesday, I stayed with the Sister Training Leaders in Epping until Wednesday. It was interesting to see what STLs have to do and I liked getting to know those sisters. 

On Wednesday, we had Zone Conference in Exeter. It was really good! For part of it we read 2 Nephi 31 which is all about the Doctrine of Christ. My favorite verse is verse 3. After we got home from our exchange/Zone Conference adventure we had dinner with Sister Williams and her daughter. They made us tacos which were super good! Then halfway through it started to rain with a lot of thunder and lightning. It was so cool!! On our way home the lightning was crazy!!

Thursday, we found out that our tire had a hole in it so we had to go get it repaired. Then later we had a meal appointment with a member, she fed us good sandwiches.

We still haven't found anyone to teach but I believe that in due time we will. We do have a new potential that we are going to go teach this week and she seems like she is ready to hear the message. 

This week in my studies have been focused on how I can help others understand the Sabbath and the importance of it. I went through the topical guide under Sabbath and was able to find out more about the Sabbath.
This is what I got from each of these scriptures:

-Gen. 2:2, Exo. 20:8-11
We rest from our labors

-Exo. 31:13
It is a sign that the Lord has sanctified us 

-Isa. 58:13-14
We turn away from things of the world and we will be blessed.

-Matt. 12:8-13
We are healed and we are to do well. (Serve each other)

-Matt. 28:1-6
Christ was risen

-Mark 2:25-28
When we are 'hungered', we are 'fed' in the house of God.
The Law of Charity overrides every ritual law. (BD Shewbread)

-Mark 2:27-28 (JST)
The Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath

-Deut. 5:15, Luke 13:11-16
Day to remember that we are no longer in the bonds on sin.

-BD Sabbath
Is an eternal principle 

-Luke 13:10, Acts 13:42-44, BD Synagogues 
We gather together in meetinghouses to learn and to teach.

-John 9:14
Our eyes are opened on the Sabbath. 

-2 Nephi 2
We learn how to become consecrated

I am still studying about the Sabbath but so far it has been really good and insightful. I feel like my testimony of the Sabbath and church has really grown. 

I know that everyone goes through trials to help them reach their divine potential. Just like in Alma 14, I know that with faith in the Lord and his Atonement and relying on him that we can get through any trial or affliction that comes our way. That if we remain strong and meek and rely on the Lord and His commandments that we can walk out of our own prisons or trials as they crumble to the earth unharmed and stronger than before.

Have a great week love you!!!!!!

We were on vacation at our family's farm in Fremont, Utah this week.  It was hard to find an internet signal or 4g on our phone to check for emails.  We finally resorted to sitting in front of the local ward house to be able to email her and get her email.  I did catch her on line for a couple minutes.

We talked about some trials she has been going through.  She had talked to her Mission President about them.  He encouraged her and praised her for her positive attitude.  He has faith in her abilities as a missionary.
She also said that in September they will have 21 new missionaries coming to their mission!!!

She was told by someone that she isn't a loving person.  Whitney????  I was grateful I was able to send on messages I had received from a few members.  They were all similar to the one I posted above.  One of Whitney's greatest gifts is that she is able to love without question.  Praying that she doesn't let one person's negative comments affect her.  "I have been trying my HARDEST to show her love even when it is hard and I try to show all of the members love as well."

"Oh, and I did get both of the packages.  Thank you! The cookies came un-squished and I hid them in the freezer so I have some for later. :) And thanks for the ANT stuff."

Our very picky eater is getting more and more brave. 
Sister Jenni Williams, the Relief Society President in Whitney's ward, was playing mom and making Sister-Whitney Dot Collins eat her veggies. I had told Sis. Williams about her aversion to green veggies when we met a few months ago.  She said that when she got married she also hated vegetables.  She promised that before Whitney transferred out of Manchester, she would have her eating veggies.  Looks like it is working.

She also said that she ate broccoli and a stuffed mushroom.  It was probably one piece of broccoli and one mushroom, but it's a start. 

She mentioned that me being able to find an internet connection and catching her online was our tender mercy.  I would have to agree.  I was homesick for both of my girls as we were at the family farm without half of my family.

When I said I had to leave, her reply was, "Love you too!!! Now you are the one leaving me."  Yep, broke my heart a little.

Hoping to be able to post a gain later today with this week's email.  Thanks for your patience.


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