Monday, August 4, 2014

New Investigator!!!

I don't have a lot to share.  It has been one of those weeks.  But there are some great things starting to happen here.

This week we were able to find a new investigator!
Her name is J and she is super prepared! She has a strong faith in God and has seen Him help her all her life even through hard times. She knows that we are all children of God and that He loves us. She has no doubt that there is modern revelation. She has been searching for the right church and has tried many but has seen that they are missing something. 

She referred herself and wanted a Bible. We gave one to her and we also gave her a Book of Mormon and set up a time we could come visit her. During our lesson with her, she told us that a few weeks ago she was staying in a hotel and there was a copy of the Book of Mormon in her room. She had a spiritual prompting that she needed to take this book, so she did. When she moved here she lost it and was really upset because she couldn't find it. But then we came and gave her another copy. She said that this must be an important book.

She also told us a story about how one night she and her friend were stranded in the middle of nowhere for a few hours. She said that she told her friend that all they needed to do was pray and God would help them get home. They prayed and after hours of being stranded, five minutes after the prayer a random car drove down the road and it ended up being someone they knew and they were able to take them home.

It was a great lesson and she is so ready for the Gospel.

Also, on Sunday, on of the Elder's investigators got baptized.  She is a friend of the three girls who got baptized a little over a month ago.

People keep asking Whitney about awkward moments she has had while on her mission.  The thing is, Whitney has an easier time letting things like that go than most of us do, so when things do happen, they don't seem as awkward to her as they would to most of us.  So she shared the following with me:

So, I finally thought of an awkward moment to tell you.  So, last transfer, on Father's day, I had to give a talk on eternal families.  Well, in the ward there are four sets of missionaries.  We are the only sisters and the rest are Elders.  I went and sat up on the stand and the other lady giving a talk sat next to me but had me sit in the middle on this tiny little pew.  I had to sit really close to the Elder.  Then the ward member didn't share her hymn book with me so I had to share with the Elder and we both ended up speaking on eternal families... Yeah, I thought only married people, not missionaries talked about that together.  It made us look like we were a couple.  My mission president, is wife and another senior couple were there too.

Whit was also excited about fresh blueberries.  A member gave her so many that she doesn't know what to do with them and was asking for recipes. (to think, I just paid for a bunch of blueberries!)  I told her how to make blueberry cobbler, muffins and pancakes.  I also told her to freeze the rest so she can enjoy them later.

Transfers are next week.  We know they well affect her because her companion is heading home.  I am really hoping she stays in Manchester one more transfer.  She loves the people there and would love to show a sister around and introduce her to the members that she loves so much.  She would also be sad leaving this new investigator.  

She is also sad about her grandpa's stolen truck.  She said that every time she sees a red Titan in New Hampshire she looks to see if it is him then has to remind herself where she is.  Praying it is found in the same condition it was taken.

Lately Brian and I have been going for walks around Daybreak Lake.  He keeps joking about moving there so we don't have to drive over.  He also mentioned this to Whitney.  The following was our conversation:

Whit:   Is Dad seriously thinking about moving or is that a joke?

Me:   Ummmmm, NO!!!!!!! He just likes to tease us a lot.  We have been going for walks around Daybreak lately and he has enjoyed it.  If he was at all serious, that would change once he really thought about HOA fees.  He also knows that I will not move again.  I want you girls and your families to always feel like you are coming home.

Whit:  Okay, good, because that would stink!!!

Me:  (after other topics) about moving... you know who really makes those decisions... not Dad! :)  I told him we can drive the 5 minutes to the lake to go for a walk.

Whit: HAHA you are the neck and you can turn the head any way you want ;) (movie reference)

Finally, Whitney is really excited to start working with some of the young women in her ward.  The Young Women's President has asked her if she and her companion can you and visit the young women in their ward.  Their ward covers a large area and has several that are inactive.  This is right up her ally.  Her time in YW and time at Brighton should be a great help in providing this service.  YW love her!!!  Another reason I hope she stays in Manchester, but I know she will be where she is truly needed.

Until next week. . . . then the long week following that, waiting to find out where she is assigned.




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