Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Guess who's staying in Manchester. . .

Sister Collins and Sister Morgan

Guess who is staying in Manchester!!!! This girl right here :D

So this week has been good. 

On Monday, we had dinner with some of the members. We shared the scripture 2 Nephi 31:20. We then watched the video "A secure anchor" and I got to share Ether 12:4! WOOHOO gotta love the stuff I can use from camp :)

On Tuesday, I got a pretty bad cold and lost my voice. We went to the church during the leadership meeting and I got to see Sister Morgan!!!!!!!!! It was so good to see her! She is such an amazing missionary! 

On Wednesday, we had District Meeting. Then afterwards we had district lunch at pizza hut. For the month of July we had a competition to see who could invite the most people to learn. Well we ended up winning so President Stoker paid for our lunch! After that we visited one of the members and she bought us Cold Stone ice cream! It was so good. Then we went and visited one of the members from the Bedford ward who is living in an assisted living home down the street from us. She is so cute! She is 96 years old and is from England. She was baptized when she was 14 and loves to sing. She told us many stories and then told us that she loves to sing. So she started to sing at the top of her lungs "Bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the sheaves" After she was done singing she asked if we knew that one and we said no. So she said that we really should learn it and started singing again. Then she wanted us to sing a song with her. Well with my lack of a voice I couldn't hit any notes and couldn't sing :(.

On Thursday, Sister Fratcher had her exit interview. I got to hang out with Sister Skidmore and the Bedford sisters and help around the office while she was talking to President. Later that day we went tracting and it started pouring and hailing. We were drenched! And right after that we had to go to our lesson with our investigator. 

The lesson was amazing! She is so prepared! We discussed what she believed. Part of what she was telling us was that she believes that with each good thing you say, you plant a seed in people's hearts. Then as more people tell them good things about God it grows. We were stunned! She has never read the Book of Mormon and yet she was practically quoting Alma 32:28. We had her read that scripture and she said that it was crazy because that is just what she was saying. We then asked if she had ever been baptized. She said no but she wants to be, but all the churches that she has investigated have required her to know everything. But she believes that you just have to have a willing heart and that baptism is to purify you and give you a remission of your sins and bring you closer to God. WHAT!?!? Yep it was awesome! Can you say prepared?? We told her that she could be baptized but we didn't feel that it was right to extend the commitment yet. She also believes that when a person truly believes in God that they will want to change their life style and what they wear and what they do so that they can please Him.

On Friday, I felt pretty sick so that evening Sister Fratcher made me lay down. While I rested she called and set up some appointments. She called Bishop to tell him about our investigator and also told him that I was sick. So he brought us dinner! He is so nice :) After that we went a visited one of the members who is preparing to go through the temple. She is having a rough time and the adversary is working hard on her. 

On Saturday, us and the elders did service for one of the members. We weeded, mowed, and weed whacked her yard. We also painted her swingset. She was so grateful. She gave us a big hug. It was so sweet! When she gave me a hug she said "I haven't told you that I loved you yet today." She is such a sweetheart! Then we had dinner with the nonmembers who live in our building. We got to share with them and their family what we do as missionaries.

Sunday there was another baptism in our ward and I got to give the talk about baptism. Then we had dinner at a member's home.

Love sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great week!!!!!!!!!

 Whitney and Sister Fratcher after being caught in a rain/hail storm
 Whitney is developing her drawing skills in children's coloring books
 Whitney, Sister Nickulos (the one who wrote a song based on Whit's testimony), Sister Fratcher
 Whitney and Sister Fratcher with the Keplingers.  The Keplingers sent me the awesome pictures I included in last week's post.

Now it's time to feature some of Whitney's randomness
 Picture given to Whit.  She was told it reminded them of her.
 This is for Brian and Katherine.  "ABC Pizza" Yes, it is a real restaurant and it reminded her of you. She couldn't read it without thinking "already been chewed Pizza"
 Look at that clean desk!!!! I wish her room stayed that clean.  You can see a flower that some girls who were recently baptized made for her, a bear a member gave her and also a kangaroo that game to her all the way from Australia.

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