Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I have to wait???????

Any amazing experiences this week?

We had a lesson with E on Friday about temples and the purpose of temples and briefly about family history. We let him know that this is the next step for him. He loved it and even asked if it had to be a year after baptism for him to receive his endowments. We are going to the family history center this Tuesday with him to set up his account and start his family history.

What does a missionary do on Christmas?

On Christmas we get to skype family, visit people, and do missionary work :)

Scary moments?

So scary moment: As we were driving back from exchanges from Topsham the weather was really bad. The member who was driving couldn't see the road very well. So it was kind of a scary drive but we made it home safely.  

Awkward moments?

I don't think I had any awkward moments this week. Well except when I almost fell off of a moving truck ramp while wearing a dress and snow boots and carrying three heavy boxes that made it so I couldn't see and it was for some people we had just me while we were tracting and I am pretty sure one of the boxes had something fragile in it. (Picturing with with her little arms, carrying three boxes while trying not to fall??? Yep, I laughed at my daughter's expense.)

The every week food question?

I had wine.

HAHA don't worry it was just cooked into a soup :)

I know you have held lobster, but have you eaten any?  Besides in soup

I have not had any other lobster :(

Grandpa wants to know if you eat much sea food.

We actually haven't had too much. Right now we are being fed a lot of soup. But we are being fed sea food chowder.

Something that surprised you this week.

We went to visit our potential family and set up a day we could come back and they let us in and we ended up having another little lesson with them and answered some of their questions. They have a lot of questions of the soul and the dad is really smart and has researched a lot of different things but we were able to answer his questions and keep on his level. And we were able to set up a return appointment!  If we didn't have the answers, we just told him we didn't have all of the answers but would teach them everything we know.

What happened with the possible new investigators from last week?

We went to go visit her and give her a Book of Mormon but she wasn't home. She told us last time that if she wasn't home to just leave it in her mailbox so we did and left a note with it :)

So yesterday our ward mission leader was talking to us and he seemed really uncomfortable for some reason and kept breaking eye contact with me. Then he interrupted himself and said "Gosh will you stop!?! It's like your looking right into my soul!" I laughed and got a little embarrassed as he went on about my piercing eyes... Yeah and apparently I do a good job at looking people in the eyes when they talk. haha. It was really funny. Sister Bee tried to do it to him too but he said it just wasn't the same as my look was. 

E just bought a retirement home in San Antonio Texas to go there for the winter. He already looked up and found out that they have a direct flight from San Antonio to Salt Lake. We were showing him pictures of different temples and we showed him temple square during Christmas and he wants to go see them so I told him that he should go in December of 2015 so I could go help show him and his wife around.
So Elder Jones sent me one of the scriptures he likes and I think he sent me the wrong one. I think he meant to send 1Nephi 3:7 but sent me 3Nephi 3:7.  You will have to read them, there is a HUGE difference between the two.

After telling her about the Christmas packages that were coming and that some were for Christmas Morning and a couple were for when we skype, her reply, “ I have to wait?????? :(“  I think she would have opened them as soon as she got them if I hadn’t told her to wait!  I told her that she had to wait until Christmas to open her presents at home, why would her mission be any different?  Besides, you received a warming mattress pad and scripture cover as early gifts and is using them now.  Oh, I love that girl!

Video she invited all of you to view this week: 

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