Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Conference and Easter

I love the ocean!
I hope you had a fabulous Easter and enjoyed General Conference.

Notice the ocean in the top corner of the picture. :) Also, the snow is almost gone!!!  It has still been really cold and we have had a couple snow storms, but I am hopeful spring is on its way.

This week I went on exchange with Sister Craig!  She was trained by Sister Smedley.  She is super cute.  We talked a lot about Manchester and the super amazingly awesome people there! :D

Sadly, we didn't have any lessons this week, but we are hopeful that as we continue working and praying that they will come.  It is going to happen.

I think the most uplifting moment for me this week was Conference.  We are asked to pray before conference with specific questions in mind.  I did and had so many questions and prayers answered!  It was also good to hear about how people in Manchester are doing, both members and the investigators I met with back in September.  I have been blessed to serve in some amazing areas.

I loved all of the talks in conference.  I love how the focus of this weekend sessions and the General Women's Broadcast were so focused on family.  If I had to pick a favorite talk, I would say the talk by Quinten L. Cook.  You can view his talk at the following link:

I am also so grateful that I get to talk to Sister Bee every week when we do call-ins.  I love hearing about my friends in Augusta.  It is amazing to hear about the investigators we had and also the potentials from before who are now investigators!!!

Later today I will be heading to Manchester for MLC.  I am excited to see many of my friends.  I will get to see my companions from the MTC, Sister Frame and Sister Blume.  They are currently serving as STLs together.  All of the STLs will be staying at the mission home tonight.  I am pretty excited. There will also be four of the Elders I have served with.  It will be so nice to catch up with them as well.

Sorry, I don't have much time to write today.  I also ran out of time to upload more pictures.  I will send more next week.

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interesting side notes from her emails to me (mom):

Her companion thinks I am "trunky" (more focused on her coming home than her service).  I was a little confused at how she could come to that conclusion.  I then realized it is probably because of the packages she has received.  I normally send her a package every other month.  Nothing fancy, usually a homemade treat and items she has mentioned she needs as well as notes from home.  Well, since they have been companions she has received three.  The first package had cookies that she requested so she could have them with a family in Augusta before she transferred.  Unfortunately, mail was held up and it arrived after she left.  Sister Bee gave her the package when they went to Augusta for Zone Conference.  The second package was small and just had brownies and a music cd.  I had extras from a YW/YM activity and decided to send her some since she didn't get the cookies.  The package she got this week was to celebrate her 1 year mark and Easter.  I can totally see how she could think that many packages were excessive if you didn't know the why behind them.

Our family also has a joke with Whitney.  She HATES any food/candy that will turn her mouth a different color, especially blue.  With every package we have sent we have included some type of blue candy.  We know that she will give that item to her companion or the Elders in her area.  Her four year old cousin  recently asked if Whitney hates her car (it's blue).  We had to explain that it is just blue candy she hates.  Well, we sent her a package of blue peeps in her Easter package.  She laughed and set them aside, saying that she would be giving them to the elders.  Not understanding the running joke, her companion was offended that she didn't appreciate the items we sent her and would just give them away.  She had to explain to her companion that I sent them knowing she would not eat them. 

I love my missionary daughter.  I love hearing her stories and watching her grow.  I love receiving pictures where I can see the true joy in her eyes.  I wouldn't trade this time for anything, but of coarse, like all moms, I am excited for the hug I will get in October.

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