Monday, April 13, 2015

Reunited with MTC Companions

MTC Companions - Sister Blume, Sister Frame and Sister Collins
Over the last week and a half we have done exchanges, some tracting, went to the Mission Leadership Conference (MLC) and did service.

MLC was great!  I got to see Sister Blume and Sister Frame and also some other great missionaries.  We learned a lot and found out that on May 20 we are having another missionary conference to train us on using Ipads.  Yep, I get to spend my birthday with the entire mission! President Stoker showed us the app for the pamphlets and it is so cool! It's called LDS pamphlet, I think... And then we learned some other cool stuff and items we have to train on for Zone Meeting this week.  

Note from Mom - The app is called LDS Pamphlets.  I just downloaded it on my phone.  The actual pamphlets take quite a bit of memory.  Most of these can also be downloaded in LDS Gospel Library under "Sharing the Gospel."

While I was in Manchester for MLC I also got to stay in my old apartment.  It was so weird being there without all of my stuff and with other sisters now living there.  Also, Elder Dahlberg who served in Augusta with me is now in Bedford.  He picked us up for the meetings.

Sister Upton and I felt prompted to do this thing we came up with that we call The Atonement Walk.  We are going to try it out tonight with some members.  We felt like we needed to something else for our training.  While discussing what we could do, Sister Upton mentioned that for Christmas in her zone they did a Walk with Christ activity.  As we talked we decided that we could do a silent walk and walk through the different facets of the Atonement.  Our plan is to start off by telling them to be silent and to follow us and we are going to read Matt 26:36, about how Jesus and his disciples went to the garden and he told them to sit and watch. Then we are going to walk them to a room that we are hopefully going to have set up with some plants and chairs.  We will then read Matt 26: 37-39 and then Alma 7: 11-13 and ask what pains of yours did he feel?  They won't share these with us but will be given time to ponder how He sacrificed for them.  After that we are going to read Matt 26: 45-50 and they will walk with us to the next room.  There we will read Matt 27: 17-20, 37, 46, 50 w/JST, and 54 and ask, "When was a time that you felt forgotten or misunderstood?" We will let them ponder and then ask, "Did you know the Savior was with you?" Then read Matt 27: 57-60 and move to the chapel.  In there we are going to have them close their eyes and we will read in parts with the Zone Leaders John 20: 11-17.  We are then going to have them open their eyes and there will be a picture of Christ in front of them and we will ask them what Christ has done for them and have a mini testimony meeting.  I hope it works out like we have pictured it.

For service we go to the library and help out with old documents and the town's history stuff which is super cool!  We also help at the food pantry every other week and just help carry out the people's bags for them.  It is a lot of fun.  I love being able to serve the people in this mission.

We had a meal with some members one night.  My companion was having a rough day and feeling kind of down so I did the lesson and led the discussion.  It was a really good lesson and the spirit was so strong that almost everyone was in tears.  They said we answered their prayers and it went very well.  I think that night help us come closer as a companionship as well.

Last week we did exchanges with the Sisters from the Saco ward.  We met up with them at the Portland Headlight Lighthouse.  We had lunch while we were there.  It was really cold so we ended up eating in the car.  Of course, we had to take some pictures while we were there. 

One of these days we are going to take a ferry to tract an island and we also have areas to tract right along the ocean.

There is a chance I won't be able to email next week.  Patriot's day is celebrated as a state holiday so the library will be closed on Monday.  We'll cross our fingers that I can work something out.

Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meeting up for exchanges

Portland Headlight Lighthouse

The Ocean!!!

Sister Collins and Sister Upton

Happy (cold) missionary

Sister Missionaries at the Mission Leadership Conference

Whitney's District

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