Monday, July 6, 2015

Gone Hiking. . .

Sorry the email is so late.  We decided to go hiking today.  We didn't make it to the top because it eventually got really steep where you pretty much had to climb, also, my asthma was not happy today. Anyways, see my other email for how my week was and answers to your questions.

This week has been great! On Monday we had dinner with these members and they fed us this vegetable Keesh (sp?) and quinoa. Then after we shared an FHE lesson the little girl planned the activity. So we went on a nature walk.... In skirts.... Through brambles.... It was great! Also her and her mom had us try a daisy petal and some wild lettuce....

So our investigator who just got baptized decided that he doesn't want to be a member anymore........ We are hoping that this is just a phase or him trying to get attention.....

We did find a potential and we have two other potentials from members who we have already met and talked to so we just have to set that up.

We had some lessons with some less actives this week. With one of them we felt super prompted to just share the restoration with them. Through a lot of discussion and inspired questions they opened up a ton! We then invited them to church and found out that they want to come but are hesitant because their two boys are autistic and have a hard time sitting that long so it frustrates them but they don't know what to do so we are going to see what we can do and what the members can do to ease there burden and help them be able to come to church. It is so crazy because I recognize them like I have known them for forever!

Right now we have B as a potential and she is a part member family and her husband is a LA. Then J who is friends with one of the YW and wants to come to church every week and start investigating. Then D who we just found. It is amazing how the people that the members find and are friends with are way more solid right now.

My favorite part about serving in this area is as always the people. They are just so sweet and so loving to us! And I am slowly but surely getting all their names down.

I think my most spiritual moment of this week was well I think I have two. One was on exchanges with Sister Upton and their recent convert called and brought up some concerns and we were both able to be led by the Spirit to know what to say and what to share with her. The second one was with the less active family I mentioned earlier.

I can't think of any struggles, so that's good.

For the Fourth of July we went to the ward party and we were in charge of face painting and later turned into nail painting... It was fun we got to know a lot of the kids! They then fed us some really yummy food with BBQ chicken and a plethora of pasta salads :D you could say I was a happy camper! We then went tracting and street contacting in Stowe. At first we were trying to contact potentials but the GPS was taking us down crazy roads that didn't exist... So we decided that it was a bad idea.

So awkward moment: we said hi to this guy while tracting and then knocked on this door and the guy walks up and was like uh this is my house.....

So I have been reading in Mosiah 27 and it just is so incredible the faith and love those people had to pray and fast so much for rebellious struggling teenagers who after became mighty men of God and saved many! God definitely had a plan for them as does He for all of us!

Sorry I don't have pictures this week.  I will send some next week when I email from a computer instead of my iPad.  Saturday is transfer calls.  We'll have to wait and see what happens.  I would love to train again, but we'll see.  I am also hoping Sister Bee gets to start training, she would be awesome!

Love you lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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