Monday, June 9, 2014

Crazy week!!!

Manchester Cemetery

So this week has been crazy!!!!
Wednesday we had interviews with President Stoker and also had a zone meeting.  They taught us more about how to use the pamphlets and it is so cool!!! Pretty much you show them the pictures and ask them what they see and then testify.  Like with the restoration pamphlet:  (cover) "What do you see?" "That's right.  It's Jesus holding a lamb.  What if that lamb were you?"  (first page picture) "God is our loving Heavenly Father.  He blesses us with family and this family is happy because they have the gospel." And so on and so forth.  Pretty much doing it this way we are able to testify of simple powerful truths and talk about the whole restoration, Plan of Salvation, etc in 5-10 minutes.  Then after we ask if they want to learn more.  It is so cool! And so powerful! It is just like how it is in 1 Nephi 11.
Establish Understanding

On Thursday we had to drive the other missionaries all over the place, but luckily most of the miles were excused.  (they are on a car share and only get so many miles per week)  Oh and in the past two weeks 5 missionaries have gone home early. :(

Friday was the beginning of media splits.  Members went out with us through out the weekend and took pictures of us and posted it on their social network accounts.  We went to our ward mission leader's house (Brother and Sister Young) to study because our apartment was getting fogged so we can hopefully officially get rid of all the bed bugs.  (I may make her leave everything there when she comes home.  We don't want bed bugs!!!)

Saturday  we had the chance to do Mormon Helping Hands.  We went to the oldest cemetery and helped paint the fence.  I got paint all over my hands and arms because it was so runny and the wind kept blowing it.  The paint was green so it kind of looked like I was molding.  But it was fun and I have a lovely awkward tan line on my legs.  After that they bought us ice cream and we had lunch at a member's house.  After lunch we helped clean at this other member's house.

Sunday we had ward council and church.  That night us and the District Leaders got to have dinner with President and Sister Stoker at the mission home. It was delicious! And a tender mercy because we are out of food.  (she ensured me that they are out of food because they didn't have time to shop last week, not because of money.  They were headed to get food after the finished at the library)

Throughout the week we went tracting when we could and had lessons with some of our investigators.  For all of it we used the pamphlets and through those we were able to teach the lessons quicker and establish more understanding.  Satan knows how powerful this method is because with tracting every time we get to the first vision something happens right before to break our concentration, like someone tells us that we need to go, or their dog will all of the sudden go crazy and break the leash and run off.  But we always ask for one more minute and after we give the first vision the Spirit testifies so strongly of its truthfulness.  Then we talk about the Book of Mormon and sometimes something will happen right before that too.  But there is never an interruption while we are talking about either of them.

By the way... I do not like Rhubarb (I think that's how you spell it) pie....

AT ALL!!!!  

(I told her that her grandpa loves strawberry rhubarb pie.  I also told her I haven't had it forever and just remember it being tart)  It didn't have strawberries, just fresh rhubarb and it was super tart.  Luckily the lady didn't notice that I didn't like it.  I ate all of the slice she gave me but I had to choke it down and hide my face every time I could feel I was making a face... it was NASTY!!!

Molly, the ward member that did the 24 hour mission with us, got her mission call to San Antonio, Texas!!!

Well, that's all.
Love you!!!!!

Tacos they made with homemade refried beans (a member taught them how to make them), cilantro, cheese, and chicken cooked with salsa in the crock pot.  Unfortunately, there is only one crockpot and the elders keep stealing it.  I told her to go buy one.  It will save her time and money in the long run.
 Whitney and Sister Morgan with two sisters from their ward who got baptized just over a week ago.
 Mormon Helping Hands

 Picture sent to me by a sweet member.  This is her daughter with Whitney at the Manchester Cemetery.




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