Monday, June 16, 2014

Great food and neighbor troubles

On Monday we had FHE with one of the families in our ward and they gave us a referral.  So we went to visit the family and the mom is a less active member and the dad is agnostic.  We taught them the Restoration pamphlet and we are meeting with them again later today. :)

On Wednesday the Skidmores came teaching with us.  The lesson was super powerful and spiritual!  Then when we got home to plan for the next day the power went out.  We found out that it went out at all of the houses on our street.  Our neighbors who live on the third floor let us borrow a lantern flashlight so we could see.

On Thursday Bishop invited us over for dinner with some of the members who were finishing up their temple prep class.  It was sooooo good!!!!  He fed us steak, BBQ chicken, caesar salad, pasta salad and cake and ice cream.  It was delicious.

On Friday our next door neighbors were being horrible to each other! We called Child Services and they are going to pay them a visit.  They told us that if it sounds like it is doing damage that we should call the cops.  Later that night it got worse so we called the cops and they came but we left to go visit a member.

Also we went over to this older member's house to help wash off some things for her to sell in a yard sale.  She had so many cool things and she is also an amazing painter!!!

So, S is not getting baptized this weekend.  He's actually in the Bedford area but we got special permission to teach him since he was friends with one of the members in our ward.  Now we are going to have the Bedford Elders teach him. (Some information omitted for privacy)

On Sunday we had our Linger Longer after church which was a blessing because we didn't have to worry about having to figure out lunch.  Then later that night Bishop had all of us missionaries come over for a meeting and dinner.  So, pretty much we were fed great this week!  While we were there we were saying and guessing move quotes.  I gave "Is this water sanitary?  It looks questionable to me." Sister Morgan, bless her heart, was like, "OH OH OH I know, LION KING!!!!!"  Everyone else bust up laughing and said uh no try again....

Awkward moment:  We met two men this week who are totally okay with polygamy and think that we should still practice it (GROSS!!!). One of them is from Africa and we shared the pamphlet with him and  after he was asking questions like where are you from? what do iyou do? are you dating anyone? and after we answered that question and said no, he said well I'm available and was giving us these gross looks.  Let's just say that we got out of there pretty fast...

Oh, also, the Bedford Elders met someone street contacting and shared the restoration pamphlet with him and invited him to be baptized and he said yes and come to find out he is actually in our area!!!!

Well, that's all.  Love you!!!!

Additional Whitney randomness shared in follow-up emails:
She has worn out her first pair of shoes.
She is getting her hair cut today.  Keeping the A-line.
Did you know that apple juice can give you more energy than coffee? 
She sent a picture of a yellow house that she loves and wants to have one like it some day.  She didn't remember that she sent a picture of the same house during the first couple weeks of her mission. :)

 She said that the lady who owns this car was once hit by a moose!!! The moose take things quite literally in New Hampshire.
 Not sure why she sent this one, but it is a cool house.
 I received an email from a member on Sunday with this picture.  He said it was taken during their "Linger Longer"


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