Monday, June 2, 2014

Whitney's District tackles the Vermonster!!!

We were so excited to hear from Whitney again after missing last week.  I only wish she had longer to email so we could get all of the details.

The past two weeks have been crazy!!!!!!

We had district p-day two weeks ago.  We went to the park and had an epic game of ultimate frisbee/football.  Afterwards we went to Ben and Jerry's and had a Vermonster.  The Vermonster is 20 scoops of ice cream plus toppings.  Our whole district finished it in 7 minutes and 54 seconds and now our picture is on their wall of fame which is pretty awesome since you can see our name tags.

Later that night we had Molly (she is preparing to go on a mission) come over and stay with us for 24 hours for a mini mission.  For dinner we went to a member's home and they have a trained goat!!

The next day was transfer meeting and my b-day.  Sister Morgan made me pancakes which were super good!  Molly bought my lunch and then that night we had dinner with her family and they bought me a cake.  

Thank you for the package, it was great!  Thanks for all the stick notes and colorful pens. :)
The rest of the week was great and had awesome lessons.

Then this past Monday we went to the Joseph Smith Memorial.  It was so beautiful there!!!! We rode up with a part member family and got to know them better.  They also fed us which was great. 
On Tuesday we were really busy and kinda forgot to schedule dinner.

Sister Stoker came teaching with us for the night.  We taught S (our investigator), J (Member preparing to go through the temple), and E (PMF, T is one of our investigators).

For weekly planning the week before, we made a list of miracles we wanted to see happen with people in our area that we were teaching.  Well, on Tuesday, one of our miracles came to pass.  Our neighbor has a lot of questions and wants us to come over and teach her!!

We are constantly learning new ways to teach people and to tract better.  One of the ways we learned is to ask someone if they want to be baptized.  If they say, "No, I've already been baptized." Then you say, "Are you 100% positive that your baptism will get you into His kingdom?"  Most people will say no but if they say yes then tey are either deceived or lying to themselves.

We went teaching with a sister from our ward on Thursday and visited G who is Catholic but three of her children were baptized in our church and are now grown up with their own kids.  We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We were praying for a miracle that she would be baptized.  She said no because she was baptized when she was a baby.  So we asked her, "Are you 100% positive that your baptism will get you into His kingdom?" Without hesitation she said no, but then she realized what she she said and hurried and said, "I mean, yes, I am 100% sure...'  But she couldn't say that she was 100% sure her baptism would get her there.  We testified of the true order of baptism and said that we knew without a shadow of a doubt that our baptism would get us through the gate.

After that we had exchanges and Sister Morgan went with Sister Hoffman to Canterbury and Sister Escobar came to Manchester with me.  We went tracting around the church and found a potential investigator.  Then on Friday we went tracting again and found another potential.  After that we exchanged back.

On Saturday three sisters got baptized and the spirit was so strong and they were so happy.  Their parents are getting baptized later this month.

Then we went and helped this lady pack up some of her house.  She's friends with someone from our ward.  Right from the beginning we were talking about Jesus Christ.  She told us that she was Catholic her whole life but then it didn't feel right so she left and feels like that was the best thing she has ever done.  She stays spiritually strong by reading the Bible and reading books from Barnes and Noble with quotes and scriptures.  So we gave her a Book of Mormon and she was excited and wanted to start reading it!  And she also taught us how to make really good homemade re-fried beans.

Then on Sunday we get to the church and find out that someone super glued all the doors and locks.  Luckily they missed a door and we were able to get in and also us a crowbar to open the other doors.  

A member is also working on having us over for dinner with a new family that moved in that aren't members so we have another potential.

All in all it's been a great two weeks. 

Love You!!!

A couple side items.  I mentioned that it looked like she isn't the shortest in her district based on the above picture.  Her reply, "Actually she was squatting down...she is a little taller than me."

She is really excited for Kate who she roomed with who just got married.  Kate, if you read this, congratulations!!!  She said the pictures you sent are beautiful and that you look sooooo happy!  We are happy for you and wish you the best.

Also, It is starting to get really humid in New Hampshire.  Unfortunately most of the summer shirts aren't very modest or require a t-shirt underneath because they are sheer.  If you happen to see any mission-appropriate summer shirts that don't require layering, let me know.

Here are a few more pictures that she sent.  I sure love this girl!!! Oh, and she passed her 2 month mark last week. :)
 Birthday pancakes made by Sister Morgan.  Candles we sent in her B-day package.
 Cake from Molly's family
 Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial

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