Monday, May 11, 2015

Thunderstorm, fog and. . . frogs???

Sister Kimball, Whitney and LaRue (?) getting ice cream and visiting the cows.
What a great Mother's Day!!! We are grateful that the Cavanaugh's shared their home, dinner and computers with the missionaries of the Yarmouth Branch.  We are also grateful to their son, the branch mission leader, for keeping the Elders on track so the Sisters could could make it home by curfew after skyping home. Before long I may be able to thank them in person.  Whitney said they are getting ready to move to Sandy!

People keep asking if Whitney has changed much on her mission.  The answer is no.  She as continued to grow but she hasn't changed.  She is still the same loving, silly, random, sometimes distracted girl she has always been.  

Hopefully this post doesn't get too confusing as I try to combine information from our skype and emails.

While we were talking to her, we could see a lot of lightning through the window behind her.  She was pretty distracted and would turn her head every time she heard thunder.  We reminded her that you can't see thunder. :)  By the time she had to leave the storm was getting pretty bad and they had a 20 minute drive home.   

"The drive home was kind of creepy.  There was a lot of fog and rain and thunder and lightning and frogs were jumping all over the road!  We were in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees.  It was like a scene out of a horror movie."

Frogs??? What?

"Yep, there were tons of frogs jumping across the road and some didn't make it. :( I am a frog killer.  Oh, and we were just down the street from where Stephen King grew up.  I now know where he got his inspiration for his scary books and movies!"

"There is a sweet family here with the cutest 4 year old girl.  We were over there recently for a less and she wasn't acting like herself.  All she wanted to do was sit by us and snuggle.  When it was time to go she started sobbing and saying that we didn't like her.  She thought we were going to leave without giving her a hug good bye.  We knelt down and told her we would love a hug.  She ran and threw herself on our laps.  She had gotten herself so worked up that it took us about 10 minutes to say our good byes and calm her down and ensure her that we love her.  She is such a sweetheart.  It was worth every minute."

"The other day we got a text from the first counselor of the RS asking if we could do a duet for Relief Society on Sunday.  We said yes even though both of us are terrified to sing in front of people.  She gave us a choice of Love at Home or a primary song that we didn't know so we picked Love at home.  We couldn't really practice with the piano since I could only play top hand so we decided to do it A'Capella. This ended up being a good thing since the piano player went home sick.  When we got up to sing both of us were so nervous!  It went really good and I think people enjoyed it."

"We also had Mission Leadership Conference last week.  It is always good to catch up with other missionaries, especially Sister Blume and Sister Frame!  While we were there I got to stay at the mission home.  I stayed in the same room that I stayed in on the night I flew in to Manchester.  That was a crazy day!  I can't believe it was over a year ago."

"I am grateful for Sister Kimball.  We love being able to serve together again.  And. . . when the Elders forget to return my USB card reader, she lets me use her camera to send you some of her pictures.  I will send more next week."

"Love you so much!!! Have a great week!"

Room at the mission home

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