Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dreaming of home... and mission

Oh so last night I had a dream that I was home and Chelsea and I were hanging out and someone else was with us. We were trying to figure out something to do and so I convinced Chelsea to go tracting with me. After knocking on the first few houses (and her being super unenthused) she decided to bail on me and go get some ice cream.

As for this week... Well first of all, my first week here all of our numbers were 0s for the week except we had 1 referral received and 1 contacted and also we had 3 lessons with less active members/ event converts. But the past week we have seen major improvements! This week we had one baptismal date, three lessons taught to investigators with a member present, one other lesson taught to an investigator, one progressing investigator, five referrals received and three contacted, one new investigator, five lessons taught to recent converts and less active members, one progressing less active, and one return appointment! Every week we make what is called a VGPAA. V is our transfer vision of what we want to accomplish this transfer. G is our goal that we want to focus on and accomplish for the week that will help us achieve our vision. P is our plan that we are going to do to achieve our goal. A is the daily action we are going to take alongside our plan. And the other A is who we are accountable to. Well this week our goal was to get three member present lessons and five lessons with recent converts and less actives. When we set it we felt like it was a huge goal but we went for it and stayed accountable and we were able to meet both of our goals!

Oh so on Wednesday we had one of the assistants to the President come on exchange to district meeting and it's one that I go home with and during lunch him and the district leader were talking about an elder from my MTC district because they were both companions with him and then the Assistant said "Yeah Sister Collins he thinks that you have a huge crush on him" I turned around and gave them my look and said "NO!" They all busted up laughing and both of them said that he would talk about it all the time!Ugh I'm standing right here!!!!!!! SOOOOOO AWKWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was just like what the crap!!!!!!!!!!! All I did was be nice to the kid and say hi and then he goes telling everyone that I have a crush on him. Really???
Well, I am out of time.  I will try to send pictures next week.
Love you!  See you in 7 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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