Tuesday, September 8, 2015

One more month!!!

Good news... J is officially getting baptized on September 20th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She had her interview yesterday and passed!  I am so excited that I will still be here for her baptism.

The other day I went on exchanges with Sister Giles.  We are hoping to do exchanges together again before I go home.  Exchanges went great, but on the way home I got a bad migraine and ended up having to go home and rest.  I was sooo sick!  Luckily, once the migraine finally went away, so did the upset stomach.  I felt much better.

Whit: So, I finished the Book of Mormon the other day (again)! It is sooo good.

Mom: Woo Hoo!!! I owe you Book of Mormon treats! So, what do you want and WHERE do you want it? Vermont or Utah??? (For the youth in our ward I make them their favorite treat when they finish the Book of Mormon.  Of course I have to offer it to family and our Stake Missionaries!)

Whit: BANANA BREAD OR BANANA CAKE!!!! At home so I can have it warm out of the oven!

 I love the members in this mission!!! They take good care of us.  I know I write about meals a lot, but that is when we really get to know the member families.  This week we already have three dinner appointments scheduled.  On Saturday we are having dinner with the Young Women's president and our investigator.  I am feeling more ready to come home, but I will really miss the people in this mission. 

Sorry, my iPad/wifi aren't working so great today.  I will share more next week when I can get on a real computer.  Love you so much!!!

It is getting so close!!!!

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