Monday, September 29, 2014

Augusta, Maine

This week has been great! I love my new area and sister Kimball is an amazing missionary!

She is very loving and sweet and courageous. She told me that she is very shy and some times has a hard time speaking to people but she pushes past that and strives to get to know everyone. And when she does push past it and opens her mouth and bears her testimony she helps others feel the Spirit and our Savior's love so strongly that it completely changes the lesson! I am super grateful that she is my companion.

I am still trying to get the area down but so far it is going great. It is beautiful here! The people are great here and the ward is amazing! I am still trying to figure everything out but it has been good so far. I guess most of the missionaries that have been here lately have been pretty quiet and shy, so I am loud and bubbly compared to them. One sister in the ward that I said hi to told me that I would do great here because I have that sparkle in my eye. And then I got to meet a lot of the YW and they are amazing! I've already connected with quite a few and am excited to work with them more

So I am still studying faith and also about how we are watchmen. It has been a super amazing study and I have gained a stronger testimony of talking to everyone I meet. I also found the scripture Galatians 5:13 

13 For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.

And I love it because it is pretty much saying that we have not been given this freedom through Christ just to say we have it but to help others find it and to love as he would love and serve as he would serve.
So there are two round abouts that I have to go through every day. Our apartment has tons of huge spiders right outside the door and little ones inside. Our apartment also has tons of lady bugs in it. We live pretty close to the river and drive past it everyday. They just combined the ward so it is huge now! (30 page ward list!) The members here are amazing and very loving towards each other! My companion is Sister Kimball and she has been out for only 12 weeks and she is an amazing missionary! Oh also Sister Morgan is my Sister Training Leader!!!!!!
I just barely got your package and the bottle of salsa made it safely to New Hampshire then on to Maine!
I have been doing a lot of cooking.  I have been getting by is by asking myself "Now what would mom do?"  This week I made breaded pork chops and veggies.  I also got stuff to make chicken alfredo, chicken enchiladas, and we had some chicken and stuffing so I am going to try making kind of a thanksgiving casserole with chicken, potatoes, gravy and stuffing we'll see how it goes. S. Kimball doesn't really know how to cook and has been living off of sandwiches and cereal so I promised her that I wouldn't let her starve and that I would teach her some easy recipes to use. She loved the pork chops and they turned out really juicy and tender. Hey it paid off that I paid attention so that when I go into an apartment with little to nothing I can still make a meal :) Proud mama moment right?
The leaves are just barely beginning to change here. I love it here we have this cute old little town in our area called Hallowell and I get excited every time we go into it because it is so cute and old and right by the river :) 

And I just ordered a Mormon Helping Hands shirt.... :D

Well, I gotta go.
Love you tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bye :D

Sister Welch, Sister Smedley and Whitney

Store in Manchester

Whitney with Sister Blume (one of her companions from the MTC)

Icky spider outside her appartment

Kennebec River

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