Monday, September 15, 2014

Transfer calls coming this weekend. . .

So this week was great! 
We organized a huge JSM trip and everyone got to go except us because our investigator couldn't make it but that was ok. 

On Tuesday we had lunch with this awesome member. She fed us grilled fluffer-nutters which kind of tasted like nutter-butters.... Maybe that is why they are called fluffer-nutters... Then we went up to Candia and tracted for a bit. We went to this little pizza shop and bought a slice of pizza for a dollar! Then the lady surprised us and threw and extra piece in for free! 

On Wednesday, we had an awesome district meeting. In the lesson we all had to look at ourselves in the mirror and at our family and take the gospel out of our lives. The picture change completely and it was sad. We learned to look at people in that light. To imagine them now with the gospel in their lives and see how it would change them.

On Thursday I was in Canterbury on exchange. We did service in this cute little town and then went street contacting. Then we met this lady who is Baptist. Well it started to rain so she invited us to come into her church to keep talking to her. So we did. And then she locked us inside. My thoughts 'Are you locking the door to keep people out or to keep us in???" Then she gave us a tour. Then we went down these stairs to a big metal door and told us to go in first. My thought "Are you going to lock us in???" She followed us and then said "Wow you two are really trusting. I could have locked you in here and I could have been an ax-murderer!" Well the thought did come to mind.... We got out of there pretty quickly after that! 

On Saturday, we went to Auburn for the first time and in the middle of the town was a little fair going on and they were having a rubber duck race!!! We talked to some people. Found some potentials. And a lady gave us a free loaf of banana bread! 

On Sunday, we had church which was great! As we were leaving the chapel though, this recent convert who is in his 70's surprised me and gave me a hug and then winked and said I know it's against the rules but I just couldn't resist... Then after we had a great linger longer.
Love you!!!! Tell everyone else sorry I didn't write back! I'll send more pictures next time

She will be receiving a call this week to hear if she will be transferred or not.  Would love for her to stay in Manchester for another transfer, but also excited for her to see other places in her mission and bless the lives of the people she is able to meet.  Waiting until Monday to hear may just kill me.

Crazy Manchester Missionaries!

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