Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Transfer Week!!!!

This week is transfer week.  She was super busy and only sent replies to my emails and lots and lots of pictures.  I will try to pull info from her emails.  Hopefully it makes sense. 

I am being transferred and going senior!!!!!!!! :S  I am going crazy wondering where I am being transferred to.  I woke up this morning at three because I am so nervous and sad to leave this area and go senior.  Normally once you go senior you aren't put back down to junior.  That means I will be driving in the winter!  Also, I am going to have to get a gps today because there is no way I can to to a new area and wait until Monday if I have to be driving, especially if I end up in the boonies.  It will be hard getting to know the roads because some of the areas are quite large.

So, last Monday afternoon we got a call from the Bishop saying I will be singing, that's right, SINGING a musical number in sacrament meeting with another sister in the ward.  So, the song gets WRITTEN and FINISHED in the space of three days.  The other sister singing has been in big choral groups so she wanted it to be loud and perfect.  We practiced it twice before church.  Then sacrament meeting starts and there are a ton of people there and all four sets of missionaries.  We went up and sang the song and then at the end, all of a sudden, a lot of people in the ward started cheering, hollering and clapping.  Never seen that before in sacrament meeting.  I had no clue what to do so I awkwardly walked back to my seat. . .  

We had dinner at the Bishop's house yesterday with some other members and it was so sweet because at the beginning he always starts with a thank you for coming today... but then he went on to say that it is a sad time because they are losing some good friends, both Elder Barnes and me.  Then at the end for the closing prayer he said, "Now for the closing prayer, since it will be her last time here, I am going to ask our dear friend, Sister Collins to say it.  It has been great to have her in our ward and I know that she is going to touch many people's lives and bring so much light into their lives as she has done in our ward.  I am so grateful for her..."  Then after as we were saying goodbye he said, "Now, don't ever forget that I was the first bishop you served with."

Our neighbors who are non-members and live in our building are sad that I am leaving and asked if they could take us to dinner tonight.  

Sister Smedley will be staying in Manchester and will be a trainer.  I CALLED IT!

Oh also this week we had another Zone Conference and Elder Wilson of the Seventy came! Him and his wife did the whole conference. During lunch, we sat at this random table but no one was coming to sit by us so we were joking that we must stink or something and right as we were joking about that, Elder and Sister Wilson came over and asked if they could sit with us. Sister Smedley said sure and the first thing that came out of my mouth was "Hey I guess we don't stink after all..." Yep bet that's a proud mama moment. The Stokers came and sat with us too so pretty much I got to have lunch with a general authority. Then at the end they were pulling a few people aside to get an interview with Elder Wilson and I was one of the lucky ones who they had picked to get an interview with Elder Wilson! It was soooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  In the interview he asked me how long I had been out, how I was liking my mission so far, if I was getting along with my companion, a miracle I have seen on my mission, about my family and whether they were active members or not, and then let me just ask him questions.

Update on the story from last week about getting locked in the Baptist Church:  As they were in the basement they also noticed a lot of anti-LDS literature there.  Glad they were kept safe. 

Read Isaiah 62:6 then read Ephesians 6:13-20 Then read 2 Nephi 25:26 and compare how we are the watchmen and the ambassadors and compare how we must put on the armor of God to protect those we love.

Love you so much!!!!!! Bye

Whitney is really going to miss serving in Manchester.  She is leaving so many that she has grown to love.

Since I am such a slacker and took so long to post, I can now tell you where she has been transferred to.  Thank you Brother and Sister Reisher for sharing the information with me!!!  Her new location is hidden in the pictures below.

Town Hall

Post its used to "heart-attack" the Bishop and his wife

District P-day we went on a "hike" up this rock that looks over Manchester.  The base of it reminded me of Brighton.

The view from the top of the rock.  I love Manchester!!!

Ready for our hike.
In one of our areas
Yep, she is now in Augusta, Maine!!!  I love that sign.  So appropriate for her new mission area!

JoAnne.  So excited for her!  She just went through the temple. :)

Me, Ruth and Sis Smedley


I love this bench!

Sis Welch is headed home this week and is staying with us until Tuesday.  She helped take all my pictures down.

Sister Nickulaus

Sister Morgan

Kati - she has as much energy as me!!!

Erin and Katie

Heather who just got engaged!!!

Sister Oulette

Sister Moody

Sister Welch and Sister Young

Brother Young

Lucia, Me, Sis Smedley and Hattie


Sister Wheeler and Sister Mcgehee

Being silly in the car

Lucia and Hattie (I love the young women in this ward)

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