Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Where did the week go???

So this week we did a lot of tracting.

On Tuesday, we took a member tracting with us and found some great potentials. Then our neighbor took us out to lunch at the Puritan Backroom and had some really good chicken strips. We had a ton of leftovers so we ended dropping them some off to a lady who lives close to us in the ward. 

On Wednesday, we had a great district meeting and discussed who the Holy Ghost was and what he does. After that we went and helped the Keplingers pack up their kitchen, which was super sad. Also in the morning we got a call from this guy we talked to on Monday. He said that he was really impressed with us and our knowledge. He told us that he appreciated that we took time to talk with him and listen to him. He said "A person can hear, but only the sensitive will understand." and then told us that he felt like we understood him.

On Wednesday, we had dinner with some more members and had a lesson about how we can help others come closer to God and as we do that our relationships will become stronger

Hmmmmm, not sure what happened to the rest of her email.  Would love to know how the rest of her week went.  Luckily I did catch her on line before this one came through and got a little more info.

Oh we went to go try and visit our investigator the other day but when we got there her neighbors told us that she wasn't there and she hadn't been there for three days. When we got to her door there was a boot print on her door. We called her and she said that she wasn't going to be in New Hampshire for a while. I hope that her life will start getting better.
I made breakfast casserole for the first time yesterday. I'm afraid that this is going to be my last transfer in Manchester because everyone keeps saying "You can't leave you have to stay!" or other missionaries say "You are outta here" or "So are you ready for your new area?" :( And the Keplingers are now in Indiana :(  
The ladies who live in our apartment building said that they want to talk to the mission president and see if I can just serve here my whole mission HAHA
She LOVES serving in the Manchester Ward, but is afraid that with transfers coming at her 6 month mark that she will probably be heading to a new area.  She is so sad about it since she has started working with the youth more, made so many friends and has also been looking forward to the day a member/friend gets to go through the temple.  
Until next week...  

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