Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Blue Lobster!!!

Thank you so much for the bed warmer!!!  I am finally getting warm.  Our room gets really cold because there is an air leak in our window.  We are contacting the landlord to see if he can come seal it better.

The training in Manchester was great.  I wrote a lot more about it in the letter I am mailing today. 
The other night we were able to go over to the church to help the scouts with Thanksgiving baskets.  While we were there I met a nonmember who was there waiting for her son who was playing ball with one of the young men in the ward.  We had a chance to visit with her and talk about the gospel.  One of the things she asked about was tithing.  We were able to teach her the law of tithing and pointed out that everything in the building, including the ball the boys were playing with, were purchased with tithing donations.  We weren’t able to talk long or set up an appointment, but hopefully we will run in to her again.

Lately we spend a lot of time tracting.  We are still working on building trust with leaders and members in the ward.  We really need their help in getting referrals and having them do visits with us to be truly effective in this area.  I don’t think some understand that missionary work has changed.  We need their help and support.  Luckily, we do get the support from the Ward Mission Leader.  He is awesome.  This week he said I remind him of his daughter.

For Sister Bee’s one month mark we went to the fish market so she could hold a lobster.  I told the owner that when I was little I got to put a lobster to sleep (you rub them on the back and eventually they curl their tails under and fall asleep).  He was excited because he hadn’t done that in a long time so he helped me put it to sleep then set it up so we could take pictures.  I also told him it works on crawdads too. 

We are still meeting with E for new member lessons.  He is pretty amazing.  We couldn’t find a member to come with us but he still really wanted to have a lesson so he built a fire outside and we had the lesson outside.  A real fireside.  Now my coat smells like camp and I am totally ok with that.  It was a great lesson and the spirit was so strong.  It was a tender mercy to end our day with that lesson because it had been a pretty stressful day.

I am mailing the letter today with more info about my week.

Love you, bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister B and Sister C

We told Whit that if Sister Bee complains about back pain it is from having to bend down for all of these selfies.

She really isn't that scary ;)

Staying warm by the fire

Fireside new member lesson with E

Whitney, E and his favorite book


Sleeping lobster

rare blue lobster


Sister Bee and Sister Collins are having a great time together

Picture snapped by Sister Bee

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