Monday, March 30, 2015

Praying for Spring

Sister Upton and Whitney
So, a member called a big snow bank in front of her home the Matterhorn.  It totally made me think of Disneyland.  However, the one at Disney is a lot more fun and WAY WARMER!!!  I am getting a little sick of the snow.

This week has been interesting...
The members are really nice... well, the ones I know.  The others are just super busy and haven't really talked to us much yet.  We went tracting a lot and also went on exchange.  I stayed in our area with a new missionary.  She is here training while she waits for her visa.  While she was here we had a meal appointment with some members that I hadn't met yet.  They were so sweet!!!!  They have three kids and it was so fun just to be around kids.  They fed us this yummy stir fry.  We didn't have too much time so we just shared Jacob 3:2 and talked about ways we can feast upon His love.  One of the boys who is almost eight went and got this cute little spiritual experiences journal and had me read on of his experiences from it that had to do with coming to know that God loves him.  IT WAS SOOOOO CUTE!

The area I am serving in has a lot of doctors, scientist, lawyers, etc.  A lot of them are never home so they don't really interact with the missionaries much.  The people I have met have been really nice, but it may take longer for me to get to know people in this area.  It seems a little off because I am used to how things were in Augusta and Manchester.  I still love the area and the people.  I just hope I am able to get to know more of them.

We only have one set of investigators right now.  We have been meeting with a married couple.

We go to the branch to watch the Women's Conference and General Conference.  I really liked all of the Women's Conference.  One of the sisters who spoke during the video clip said something I really liked, "On earth we are not perfect, but we have the seed of perfection within us that we must nourish and grow."  I really liked how several times they said to defend the gospel and also the home and family. I thought it was interesting how it was all centered around the family. And I liked where they talked about how if we don't make family a priority then we are more opened to attacks from the enemy.  We need to build our spiritual walls within the homes of our families to protect us from the perils and evils of the world. Also, a thought came to my mind during it that once I am home if I make the family my priority then I will be blessed to accomplish my dreams and goals.

Well, I am out of time. Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Upton and Sister Collins by the Ocean

The Ocean!!!

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