Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Back in New Hampshire!

Sister Chelsea McVey and Whitney
So, I got transferred!  I am still a Sister Training Leader but I am now serving in and area called Canterbury in New Hampshire.  I am actually living in a town called Penecook which, from what I understand is part of Concord (the capitol of NH). 

My companions name is Chelsea McVey.  Right now we are really only able to visit less active families and try to do some street contacting since she has a broken or sprained ankle.  It happened almost two weeks ago and she is still having bad swelling and bruising so she also needs to elevate it whenever possible.  Hopefully it starts feeling better soon.

Oh, I got a haircut today.  Thanks for sending me the pictures so I could show them what I wanted.  I ended up just going to Great Clips and they did it right!!!  The back is stacked and everything!

So, back when I served in Manchester, I wore polka dots on the first Sunday every month because of my camp name, "Dot."  Several others in the ward joined in.  This Sunday was the first Sunday and Stake Conference.  The Manchester Ward is in my stake and guess what. . . some of the sisters still wear dots on the first Sunday!!! It made me so happy! We always said we were DOTers of God. :)

At transfer meeting it was fun to see old friends.  Not just missionaries, but ward members from Manchester.  Erin and Katie were also able to drive me and my companion to my new apartment.  Erin brought me a bottle of Coke that had my name on it.  Once I got moved in, Katie didn't want to leave.  I would have kept her if I could. ;)

I am so excited that Chelsea was able to go through the temple!!!  I LOVE the temple!

So, apparently a group of teens from the Baptist Church came in to ward building last week and wanted to ask questions.  They weren't really looking for the answers that members had, they just wanted to prove them wrong.  This week, at the end of Stake Conference, they came again. Elder Kunz, an Area 70, President Stoker and the Stake President walked in as they were arguing with some members.  Once they walked in, you could feel the spirit so strong.  You could tell they are truly men called of God.  They testified of the truth of the Gospel. They all testified of the truthfulness of the gospel. President Stoker shared his conversion story and testified.  Then Elder Kunz told of the First Vision and you could just feel the spirit pierce your heart!!!! But the kids hearts were too hard for them to notice!  One of the girls said that she didn't need to pray to know truth because sh could just read it from the scriptures.  Then she said something about how the Bible and Book of Mormon contradict each other and Elder Kunz simply replied, "They don't." The kids then left.  I hope that some of it sticks with them.  Even if it doesn't, it will stick with me and many others who were there to witness it.

Well, I gotta go! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ali and Ava from Yarmouth

Katie was getting bored in the back of the car, so we took pictures...

Just like old times!!! 

I sure missed her!

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