Monday, June 1, 2015

Transfer time again...

Good morning!!!

So, I am getting transferred.  Tomorrow I get picked up by the van that takes all of the Maine missionaries to transfer meeting.  I am guessing I will end up in either Sandford, Maine or Canterbury, New Hampshire because I am still going to be a Sister Training Leader.  I think Sister Blume is going to be Sister Kimball's new companion!  They will be awesome together.

I am almost packed and ready to go.  I was able to go through all of my stuff and get rid of things that are getting worn out.

As for my week. . . on Monday we went and had a Memorial Day BBQ at the Wilsons' with several other families from the branch including the Reynolds.  After, they did a cute FHE lesson with everyone to remember all of our ancestors.  It was a great way to come closer to the members!

 On Tuesday we did service and we went tracting.  While we were tracting we saved a turtle, got checked out a bunch, walked past a wanted person, got stopped by cops asking where he went, talked to some people, got stopped again by some cops and one got really protective saying that we need to be careful and asked if we got scared having to knock on strangers' doors and then made sure we had a phone and told us to call 911 if anything happened and he would answer and send someone over immediately to help us.  Yep, that was Tuesday!

(What?!?!?!?! She really ended with that.  Luckily I was able to ask for more info.)

HAHA.  We have no idea what he was wanted for.  We had no idea that he was out there.  We were just out knocking on doors and saw him walking towards us and then when he saw us he started running ans so we just thought he was a runner.  Then we got a little farther down the road and a cop car pulled up and started asking us what we were up to then if we saw this guy and we looked at each other and said yes and told him where we saw him.  He said thank you, called for back up and drove off.  Others drove past us later.  More stopped and asked us if we knew where he was.  Later the first cop came back around and talked to us again and told us to be careful.  He also thought her recognized me from somewhere.

Well, Wednesday and Thursday were kind of a blur.  We had awesome member meals and went tracting.  On Friday we also went on exchanges with a sister whose companion had to go home for a medical emergency.  I hope she is doing okay.  We also had to do a small lesson thing in district meeting on receiving  revelation.  The spirit was super strong as we talked and testified about it. 

On Saturday we did our weekly planning and helped a member move out of her old house and in to a new home.  This was also the day that we got transfer calls.

Sunday was hard.  I said goodbye to a lot of people in this branch.  It is always sad.  We also had dinner with the Wilsons.  Sorry, that was the super short version of my week.

Oh, and I remembered to send pictures this week.  They were taken over the last two weeks.

On to my next adventure....

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My birthday at the iPad training

being silly with Sister B

At a zone meeting

Thanks for the yummy birthday "cake" brownies!!!

Me and Brittnee

Saying goodbye to Sister Anderton

With Maria, an exchange student from Costa Rica

She trying to make herself shorter than me...

Yep, I still have a cloud obsession

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