Monday, June 22, 2015

Emergency Transfer...

Whit and Sister McVey
So, I got a phone call today and we are having an emergency transfer!!!  There is a sister who has to go home for medical releases and Sister McVey's ankle isn't healing like it should.  Sister McVey will be moving to Bedford and working in the office.  This will allow her to elevate her foot and hopefully allow her ankle to finally heal. 

I will be heading to Vermont and serving with Sister O'Bryant in the Lamoille Valley Ward (?).  Time to buy another t-shirt!  Our mission serves 5 states and I will have been to 3.  I haven't served in the small areas in Massachusetts or New York.  Actually, I couldn't serve in New York.  It is one of the areas where there are only Elders.  

I am excited to be a senior companion again.  I loved being a Senior Training Leader, but enjoy teaching as a regular companionship a little more.  What I would really LOVE is to be a trainer to a new missionary for my final two transfers!  I realize that probably won't happen, but if I could choose how to end my mission, I would be a trainer. 

At this point I don't know if I will be in Lamoille for just the rest of this transfer or longer.  The elders are going to cover our current ward and our apartment will just sit empty for now.  The sad thing is that since we just found out today we weren't able to say good-bye at church yesterday.  Hopefully we can catch some people during the week, but this week we also have a lot of meetings.  I have until Friday to get packed and then I'll be headed to northern Vermont.  The town I will be living in is Morrisville.

Oh, Happy Father's Day (a day late) Dad and Grandpa!!! I love you so much!!!!!

This is one of my favorite Mormon Messages.  Please take the time to watch it: 

This week we had the opportunity to spend time with some of the members in our area including some dinner appointments.  I also knocked over a plant at a member's house and had dinner with the member whose plant I knowcked over last year...

Well, in case you don't remember, last, after I got held hostage in a Baptist church by a crazy lady, we had dinner with these super sweet members and I remember thinking while I was with them that I hoped I would have the chance to serve in this area (I had come here on an exchange).  While we were there I accidentally knocked over their plant.  When we went over yesterday I found out that the plant is still alive! :)  And the day before when we eating with a different family, I went to go grab our scriptures and my skirt caught on their plant and knocked it over.  Luckily none of the dirt came out on this one!  Yep, plenty of awkward moments in my life!

On Friday we got permission to go to the ward activity and watch the movie, Ephraim's Rescue.  It was so good!  If you haven't seen it yet, watch it.  I think I still like 17 Miracles better though.

One of my favorite things from this week was a real play that we did in District meeting.  They changed it up so we just real play with one other person and this week we didn't have a set topic or pamphlet so we had to get to know the investigator and the spirit was so strong, especially guiding us to know what we needed to share.

We also learned more about when scriptures state, "The word of God is quick" and how it means that they are "living scriptures." It is so cool!  It is witnessed in both Hebrews and in Helaman.  I love that, by having living scriptures, we can always gain new knowledge or revelation as we read the scriptures and that God does answer our prayers through the scriptures! Ahhh this gospel is so cool! #gospelistrue

Another memorable moment from this week:  As we were driving home from the church after watching Ephraim's Rescue we saw a lady pull her car over.  We stopped to see if she needed help and she said, "No, but I'm 48 and look how fast I can run!!!" She just ran off with the door of her car wide open and just ran as fast as she could.  We drove up a ways and found her and told her good job and then drove home.  HAHA Either she was on something or a little crazy. . . 

I will get you my address next week.

Well, I gotta go now but I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Red is supposed to be safe! "I was horrified!!!"

Minions.  ??? Oh, Whitney and her randomness!

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