Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lost in Boston...

So, tell us about your week. . .

Do you have any new or current investigators?

Well, we don't have any new investigators yet.  We tried to contact several of our potentials this week but they either didn't answer or weren't interested.  We'll find someone soon!!!

What visits have you done?  Dinners with members? Any tracting?

We had dinner with the Tinkers on Monday night.  They fed us pasta.  (one of my favorite things)  On Tuesday we had Missionary Leadership training so I was able to see some of the Elders and Sisters I have served with before.  Wednesday and Thursday I was on exchanges in the Concord Ward with Sister Castillo.  On Saturday we met with Sister Bushy and had a full meat and potatoes dinner.  On Sunday we were fed again by Sister Creed and had shepherds pie and ice cream.  

Yesterday we weren't able to email because we had the opportunity to go to the temple with a recent convert and she did baptisms for the dead.  We had a slight problem though.  The address Sister McVey had for the temple was wrong!  By the time we figured that out, we were in the middle of Boston!!!  The only time we are allowed to go outside of our mission is for approved trips to the temple.  Well, we ended up going about 30 to 45 minutes past that!  Luckily we eventually found it.  It was an adventure.

 After we got back, we had dinner with a Senior Couple in our ward, the Duncans, and they took us to Olive Garden!  Everyone is so sweet and we have definitely been fed well this week!

As far as tracting, with Sister McVey's injured ankle, we still aren't able to do that much walking so we just try to contact potentials.  Hopefully we get better responses soon.  Also, Sister McVey is now able to put a little pressure on her ankle and has another appointment on Friday, so that is good.

Any interesting things happen at church?

Church was great this week! I can't remember anything too exciting that happened but we had some great lessons and I was able to meet more of the members since my first Sunday here was Stake Conference. :)

Oh, this week I was also able to see a member from Augusta and a couple members from Manchester!

Fascinating facts about the area...

There is a state prison.... (haha, sometimes I think she forgets how close we are to Utah's State Prison)
First day here there was a stabbing...
Someone broke into the Elders' apartment....

Oh, so we had this puzzle in our apartment and in it you have six different colors that range from being six squares high all the way down to one.  You have to fit all of the blocks on to these towers and there are 36 of them randomly arranged and you can't have any of the same colors in the same row or column.  So Sister McVey and I have been working on this puzzle for a while now and we told the Elders about it so they wanted to try.  Well, in just 24 hours one of the Elders solved it!!! We were not happy, especially when we found out that the game is rigged so that the only way you can win is by pretty much cheating!

The following article is awesome!!! Everyone should take the time to read it. 
Seeking Rescue

Love you sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep me updated throughout the week.

The puzzle game
After the Elders had it (I'm assuming P90X belongs to the Elders)

Lost in Boston!!!

Sister McVey and Whitney

Boston Temple

Yeah. . . I don't have any explanation on this one

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