Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Selfie I got since her camera was dead all week

So my camera died and I kept forgetting to charge it so I didn’t really take any pictures this week. . .

This week has been great! We went tracting a lot and were able to get 84 ITLs! 

On Friday night we decided that we wanted to get 40 ITLs. We prayed and had faith that we could reach this goal. We also trusted in the promise that for every ten people we talk to we will find 1 potential. And we definitely saw that promise fulfilled! We worked and talked to everyone and we found 4 potential investigators just on Saturday! 

One of them we found was on the tenth ITL. We met him while he was shoveling and asked if he needed help. He said no but we told him who we were and he said "No way! I know some Mormons, they actually own this house." We figured out who it was and then he said that he has been looking for a church and that he has been talking to these members about coming to church. He then asked us some really good questions and then said that this must be an answer from God. He didn't come to church this Sunday only because he didn't have any clean clothes. But I have faith that he'll come. 

We also met this couple who are foster parents and have a close friend who is Mormon and they have been to church in a different ward before. The guy said "There needs to be more Mormons in the world." We invited them to attend church and they said they would come but they can't right now because of the foster kids they have right now but they would love for us to come back.

We have found several solid potentials this week and I am so excited to watch them progress.  

We got a little more snow this weekend but not too much.  We are supposed to be getting a lot later today and tomorrow.  UGH I AM SOOOO SICK OF SNOW!!!!!!!!!! And driving in it.  Today, right as it hit ten, we rushed out the door and headed to the library.  When we were almost here we got a voicemail saying to contact our ward mission leaders to see if any schools were closed and if they were then we are grounded.  We were already at the library and haven’t gotten a text back yet, so we are good so far.  If it gets worse we will be heading back to our apartment.

Any interesting stories?

Um well we met a lady who let us in and then told us that she has THIRTEEN CATS!!!!!!!

Oh also we may or may not have accidentally walked into someone's house thinking it was an entryway to several apartments... whoops...

We need more details about your so when people ask what you have been doing we have an answer.

Well I breathed, I am hungry now, and I said hi?


We did emails, ate Subway, got groceries, got air in our tires, had a lesson with Elliot, then had dinner with some members and made them cry :)

The one with Elliot was about Baptisms for the Dead and the other one we watched Because of Him  Both lessons were great.


We had a meeting and then we went out tracting and met this awesome couple who know Mormons in Bangor and the guy said that there needs to be more Mormons in the world.  (This is the couple with foster kids mentioned above)

Oh shoot sent that too soon...

We also went to new beginnings/ YW in excellence and got to bare our testimonies to them.  I just love being with the Young Women!

Were those people LDS? 
 Nope they weren't! They have been to church a few times with that member in Bangor and really liked it. We invited them to church and the only reason why they said no was because they have two foster kids and they don't want to leave them at home or take them to church because they can be a little hard. The whole time we were there it felt as if we were just talking to members it was so weird.  I have a reaaly good feeling about them.  I think they are truly ready for the gospel.


We had service at the food bank and then got a lady unstuck with the help of ten people. Went tracting, Went to enrichment, held a baby, ate food, and went to bed.

Enrichment Night Activity…. 

We had a get to know you activity and there was a woman there from northern Maine visiting her parents.

She's the one who makes the reborn baby dolls.  They look so real and it is a little creepy.  You just look at them and wait for them to move.  Sister Bee and I both really miss being able to hold babies.  We were holding one of the dolls and pretending it was real.  We were both laughing so hard and had Sister Dawbin laughing as well.


We planned, tracted, had another awesome lesson with Elliot.  Sometimes I think we learn more from him than he learns from us.

That day a member was taking us out to eat and asked us where we wanted to go.  Out of all of our options we picked Taco Bell because we both miss Mexican food so much. 

We also contacted a potential and set up a return appointment with them.

Later we went to a random house and knocked on the door.  I really big guy answered the door without his shirt on.  We were a little distracted by his hairy chest and beard that had food in it.  We tried to get our words out gracefully but don’t think we did very well.  We just weren’t expecting to see a shirtless man while we were out tracting in 0 degree weather.  Yep, not our best moment.  He wasn’t interested.

The weekend was more of the same.  More tracting. More snow. More fun in the life of a missionary.  Oh, on Sunday I did give a talk.  It was on the Sacrament. 

Well I gotta go!

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great week!
Tracting between storms

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