Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Staying busy!

I can’t believe I have been on my mission for almost 11 months!!!  That is only six transfers!

How much snow do you have now?  Did you have any days this week that you were grounded?

Luckily we weren't grounded at all this week YEAH!!!!! :D But yesterday church got cancelled because of a potential snow storm that ended up not really being that bad. But it was really windy and cold.

Did you write any letters?  We are getting worried that you will come home with half of the note cards and pre-stamped envelopes unused…

I did write kind of a letter.... You will see what I mean....

How are lessons going?  Can you share any details?

So after working really hard for long time we are finally seeing progression! We have 5 new investigators this week and several potentials that we have appointments with next week who are sincerely interested. In total we have 8 investigators right now! And one with a baptismal date and we’ll hopefully have another one with a baptismal date this week!

Well we met two families who want to learn more. We also met this Iraqi family and they mostly speak Arabic but want to learn English and let us share a message with them and them and so we'll see where that goes. We also had some great discussions with E and related Ether 6 to our mortal lives and our journey here on earth. We had some great meal appointments with members too.  We also met this cute little grandma and we got to share a message with her about the plan of salvation.

We even got a call from the zone leaders complimenting us on the work we are doing and the successes we have seen lately.

How are you and Sister Bee dealing with the cold and snow?

It is sooo cold! We normally layer up a ton! 

Well Sister Bee totally fell on some ice and it was really funny to watch and then she tried to be skilled and somersault off the bed but she kind of just fell out of bed and I tried to catch her but all I caught was one of her legs and her head landed on my foot and the rest of her kind of just plopped on the ground and on our drying rack and well it broke.... after she had broken the other one we had... It was really funny :) 

Whitney Moments?
That awkward moment when you knock on someone's door and it flies open and when you go to grab it you accidentally press the door bell that you didn't notice was there are so then when the little old lady comes to the door right as you close it she says "You have to give a person time to come to the door." And you can barely talk because you were just laughing super hard...

Tell us more about some of your investigators.
Well this one we just barely found last week. Her dad and her three sisters were all baptized a little over a year ago but she didn't want to at that moment. She is going to be twelve in two weeks and she wants to go to the temple trip with her family because she doesn't want to be left out and she said that she has thought really deeply about baptism and said "One side of me really wants to and says 'Get baptized' but then the other side says 'No don't'" So we have started having lessons with her on Wednesdays and she is just super cute and has all of these dreams and ambitions and I just want to be here for her baptism.  We just need to help her push past the fear and take a leap of faith.  We are helping her understand the doctrine a little more.
We have another twelve year old boy who comes to church but isn't a member. He wants to be baptized and he wants to pass the Sacrament but at this time he really needs love and support to get him to that point.  He is an amazing kid!

Other things that happened this week…
We also went tracting on Monday and met a satanist which was creepy and met this shirtless guy who opened the door and said right now is a really bad time.
We shoveled some snow for some members and parts of where they needed shoveled went up to my hips! I don't think I have ever been in snow that deep before!
 Oh we also saw this big guy out shoveling without a shirt! 
We also had dinner with some members who served us enchiladas!  Remember how last week we were craving Mexican food?  Well, we got some.
We had a couple meetings this week as well as several lessons with investigators.  One of our lessons had to be rescheduled for next week though.
We didn’t really do anything for Valentine’s Day except eat more of the cookies you sent.  Oh and the “hugs” were super cute! I loved them!

Oh, I have a couple thank you cards I wrote around Christmas and forgot to send.  I will be sending them with a letter to you.  Can you deliver them for me? (pretty please?)

I will have to tell you more later, my time is up.
LOVE YOU BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Whitney's "special" cookie. Pre-bitten by Katherine.

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