Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Soooo ready for spring!

Yesterday we had interviews with the Mission President and they went great! I got a really great blessing from President Stoker.  He asked me how my area is, how Sister Bee is doing, how I am doing and then asked if I am burned out yet after being in Augusta for 6 months.  I said nope, there is still more work to be done and then he said, “Well, we’ll just have to see what happens at the next transfers…”  So we’ll see what happens since transfers are only a couple weeks away.
This week we got one new investigator!  Her name is K__ and she is super awesome!  She is really sweet and is really interested in learning more about the gospel.  She has some friends who are members that she admires and has been to church with them before and loved it.  They moved and she went to a different Christian church with her sister and could tell the difference.  We read the intro to the Book of Mormon and she loved it and is going to read it and come to church.
I can’t wait for warmer weather and more sunshine.  We have been stuck inside and in our car so much because the weather has been so cold.  The other day, just walking to the car made our skin hurt!  I miss being able to walk more.  You know how much I love to walk.  I miss our evening walks around the neighborhood.
I have read a few cool family history stories lately.  Maybe I will be in one of the areas where we had ancestors before I come home.  It would be fun to look for their gravesites while I am here.  One of the elders here found the headstone of one of his ancestors the other day.  It is soooo cool.
There is one reason to be excited for the day we find out if we are being transferred. . . We are having a huge meeting in Exeter with ALL of the missionaries and two General Authorities.  There is a rumor that Elder Packer might be coming!!!  As for transfers, we know something is happening because President Stoker told Sister Bee that some changes are coming.
I didn’t have time to answer your questions.  I will send you a letter to answer them.  (Yep, she did so well last time she tried to write a letter…)
Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cute house

Too much snow!

Time for a selfie

There was even a candle inside

Don't let the sunshine fool you, the windchill was -25!!!

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