Monday, February 23, 2015

You call this a letter?????

We won't be hearing from Whitney until tomorrow.  They have interviews with their Mission President today. 

Last week in one of her emails she said, "I am sending you a letter. . . well, kind of a letter.  You will just have to wait and see."  We finally got the "letter" this weekend.  We LOVED what we received, but laughed at the post it not on back saying that she had soooo much to tell us and just didn't have time to write it so she did this instead.  She then said she will have lots of stories to tell us when she gets home in October.  What kind of logic is that????????? 

Oh, that girl!  Good thing we love her. 

Enjoy her illustrated "letter."  She loves her mission, the people she meets and the sometimes awkward positions she is put in.  She may not want to come home in the fall.

Here it is.  You may recognize some of the stories from previous posts.

Whitney loves animals.  The lady with the 13 cats wasn't interested in their message but really wanted them to meet her cats.

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