Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Snow and Lobster

So much snow!
How much snow did you end up getting this week?
I have no clue.  A LOT! In the picture I am standing on top of a small bank of snow.  Snow is piled up like that everywhere.  There is even snow covering part of the windows on our apartment. 

What did you do on Tuesday during the storm?  Also, the following Monday?  They were stuck in their apartment multiple days because of the blizzard and other big storms.
We organized our apartment.  We thought about going out and walking but as soon as we opened the door we got pelted with snow so we decided it probably wasn’t the safest idea so we stayed inside.  We studied, took a nap, played a card game, made some phone calls, updated some of our visuals, kinda got bored, etc.  Oh, I also made a casserole and brownies for dinner.  I think Sister Bee thought I was crazy when I said I was making a casserole.  It sounds so very domestic.

Tell us about some of your visits this week.
We visited one of our investigators and found out that he may not be all there. . . He said that Jesus walks outside is apartment all the time and that he snores as well as other things.  We decided it was best to drop him, especially after he sneezed and I said “bless you” and his response was that he was the only one he needed blessings from.
We also met with the less active family that was our miracle run-in a couple weeks ago.  It went really well.  We talked about the Atonement more and about how as we use the Atonement we can have eternal peace and happiness.  We got to testify and share our experiences.  It went great!

How was the lobster?
The lobster was soooo good!  I couldn’t finish it all though because it was really rich.  This ward really spoils us. 

Were you able to go out and meet any new investigators between storms?
We had 62 ITLs (Invitations to Learn) this week despite the storms and found three potentials!

Have you gotten to test out your silly ice grippers?
I am using them today.  See awkward story below.

Whitney moments…
That awkward moment when you knock on a door and the lady opens up and gets excited to see you then realizes you aren’t who she thought you were so she asks who you are and you tell her then she says, “Oh, I thought  you were my 60 year old niece.”  She must have had some vision problems. 
… You are tracting and you forgot your ice grippers/creepers and you just so happen to tract into this house with a driveway full of ice so you lose your footing and almost completely biff it and take five minutes to get your footing again.
..You are going to a meeting and the GPS takes you up a huge un-plowed hill and you can’t turn back and the car can only go 5 mph and the traction light is blinking and the car keeps stopping and almost running into snow banks and both of you are freaking out that you are going to roll back down the huge hill and die so you yell, “HEAVENLY FATHER PLEASE GET US UP THIS HILL!” Then, when you finally make it to the top alive, you look at your companion and you both just die laughing out of relief and shock…
… You’re out tracting and its been a while since you used the little girls’ room and you say something sassy so your companion pushes you and you almost have an accident…

Miracle of the week:  While I was bored and organizing our Ensigns, out of this random Ensign I never looked at before fell this little SD card that said Whitney on it!!!  It is the card I thought had been wiped off the table and in to the garbage back when Sis Kimball was my companion.  I have the pictures of my last transfer in Manchester!!!  I was afraid I was going to have to get copies of Sis Smedley’s pictures.

Have a great week!  Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cute companions
Casserole made for dinner while they were stuck in their apartment.
Elliot and Mary Jo.  Whitney loves this couple!

First time eating lobster (except in chowder) and she loved it.
Snow in Augusta - Photo borrowed from Sis Dawbin

Another picture from Sister Dawbin

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